Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes

Diabetes undermines a person’s metabolism and stimulates excess blood sugar. Lack of insulin or the body’s ability to cope with it can directly cause diabetes. Insulin determines how the human body uses and stores glucose and fat. Numerous cells rely on insulin.

However, diabetes can mar this balance. It impacts the body’s potential to generate insulin which results in high sugar buildup. Unsurmountable sugar levels are a detriment to all other bodily organs. It leads to coronary heart disease, weight gain, fatigue, and so on.

People with diabetes strive off of allopathy medication to keep their blood sugar levels in check; however, Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes have emerged as a significant help. They comprise leaves, stems, and flowers. Its natural composition does not harm the body and helps in keeping the high sugar levels in control.

Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes has become prolific because people are consumed with the desire of all things natural. It is akin to a fad. Ayurveda is all about nature and good health. Trends that have taken shape today are being stressed for years in their practices. The best way to cope up with diabetes is by maintaining a healthy diet.


Diabetes can be of different types. Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body does not produce sufficient insulin, type 2 diabetes impacts how the body uses this insulin and often leads to obesity. The third type is gestational diabetes which is common among pregnant women.

Hence, because of their different styles, the diet requirements are also additional. But some everyday necessities are:

  • Carbs are not your enemy

Fad diets like keto will have people believe that carbs are enemies. Carbohydrates give people the energy to work throughout the day and maintain a healthy mood. However, eating them in excess quantities can lead to weight loss. Whole grains such as buckwheat and brown rice are great alternatives for regular wheat and rice.

It is all about choosing healthier carbohydrates. Indulge in a protein-rich diet along with vegetables and carbs. Most Indians are vegetarians and opt for protein in pulses like chickpea, lentils, and beans. Eat-in calorie deficit so you do not feel guilty about binging.

  • Refrain from drinks that have added sugars

Many drinks in the market claim to be “sugar-free” but use sublime amounts of it in reality. Do not fall prey to their false promises, like drinking them will help with weight loss. People even sell green tea with these false promises. Remember that by consuming a particular beverage, no one can lose weight.

The balance of exercise with healthy eating is the only way to achieve that goal. Try to swap sugar with healthier alternatives such as jaggery, honey, and stevia. Although they are not entirely healthy, they serve as potent alternatives.

  • Steer clear of red meat

As tasty as it might be, red meat is full of carbs and unhealthy fats. One might get lured by processed ham, bacon, sausages, and salamis. But remember that they are replete with chemical preservatives that are exceedingly harmful to a person. Instead, prefer foods like eggs, fish, unsalted nuts and lentils, beans, and pulses.


Dieting might seem overwhelming at first, but it takes time to manifest results. Do not give up easily