desert safari

Most people associate Dubai with the world’s tallest structure and the world’s largest man-made island. It is, however, much more than that. The area, which was formerly solely a desert, has changed significantly in such a short period. It has now evolved into an ideal family vacation spot.

Dubai desert safari is undoubtedly the most popular of the several tourist activities available. It provides everyone with a one-of-a-kind and spectacular experience. If you are visiting Dubai with your family, you must not miss it. Several companies offer different Morning Desert Safari for tourists to choose from. Consider the following family-friendly Dubai desert safari packages:

For Men:

Men can participate in several exciting and thrilling activities in the desert. Sandboarding, dune bashing, and the peculiar flavor of Arab-style smoke known as “shisha” are all available. A live performance by belly dancers is planned for their amusement. At the campsite, there is also a bar. Drinks other than water are not included in the basic package. The majority of desert safari tour providers demand an additional fee for beverages.

For Women:

A desert safari tour is very enjoyable for women. They can get henna designs painted on their hands. It may not linger for long, but it will undoubtedly be a one-of-a-kind experience for them, reminding them of their great safari experience. Aside from that, they can enjoy Tanura shows and belly dancer performances. Sandboarding and dune bashing are two hobbies available to those with an adventurous spirit.

For Kids:

The desert safari’s major attraction for kids is the camels. It’s a hit with the kids because it’s something they don’t get to do very often. Aside from that, they can watch Tanura shows. A ride in a 4×4 vehicle in the desert might also be an exciting experience for them.

For Everyone:

On a desert safari vacation, there are several activities that everyone may enjoy. Among them are:

  •   Live BBQ Dinner:

Dubai overnight and evening desert safari package offers a live BBQ dinner. The guests will be treated to a live BBQ dinner with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The dinner consists of three courses: appetizer, main course, and dessert. The dinner is freshly prepared on the campsite and is delicious.

  •   Spectacular views:

Whether you’re a kid, a man, or a woman, the incredible, unfiltered views of the sun setting in the desert will capture you. Such a scene will stay with you for the rest of your life.

And if you’re spending the night in the desert, don’t forget to enjoy in the spectacular sunrise views; these aren’t things you see every day.

The sunrise over the dunes is one of the most stunning aspects of the desert, giving visitors with a golden moment. The sunrise is a one-of-a-kind and refreshing sight that is both relaxing and inspiring.

  •   Trekking and camel rides:

Children are often regarded to love the camel ride. It is, however, the most popular desert safari activity. Children and adults equally like this experience because no one gets to enjoy it in their regular life.

You can take a camel ride around the area and explore the sights. Some operators also provide advanced and VIP desert safari packages that include camel trekking. On this rocky voyage, you’ll have a great time.

  •   Away from the Stress of the City:

The Dubai desert safari takes you away from the bustle of city life. There will be no traffic or noise issues. There would be no traffic or cars honking at you. Instead of being surrounded by sky-touching structures, you will have clear, uninterrupted views of the sky.

  •   Dune Bashing:

Trailing across the dunes in a jeep or a hummer is one of the most exciting aspects of the desert safari trip. You may watch the sand rise and fall to the ground while relaxing in your 4X4.

Dune bashing is one of Dubai’s most popular thrill-seeking activities, and it lasts around half an hour, making it well worth your time.

Final Thoughts

Dubai offers both amazing scenery and thrilling activities. Thus, making itself a great place to spend your holiday. The Desert Safari is a must-do if you’ve never been to Dubai.

To summarise, there is no other experience quite like a desert safari in Dubai. The various desert safari packages are suitable for one and all. So, bring your family along and enjoy some quality time with them.