How can we use Editor-X? Advantages of the platform


Editor-X was released over two years ago by Wix. The platform allows people to develop a site without a deep understanding of CSS. The purpose of developing this product was to help site owners and developers to use drag-and-drop technology to create flexible design. Nowadays, it’s important to get your site working well for desktop usage as well as for mobile devices. Usually, this challenge takes so much effort from a developing team to make it work right.

Let’s list some advantages:

  • No CSS coding needed.
  • Drag-and-drop design with no coding skill required.
  • We can work with templates or create our project just from a scratch.
  • The system provided us with various ways to customize default templates.
  • It’s possible to get a preview of what your design will look like on different devices and if it’s compatible. It should cover standard UI/UX expectations.
  • If we have proper coding experience, we can use a coding mode to customize the site, implementing different features like API.
  • Switching between Editor X and Wix Editor is not allowed.

Differences between Editor-X and Wix

There are differences between Editor X and Wix that mark them as various products of the same company. So, where Editor X takes advantage of Wix. The platform provides an extended list of features that can be useful if you are a site design company. It allows you to create well-developed solutions without huge investments in design. Also, it covers you with how the site looks on different devices. We can be sure that our design is just right on every device we want to be used by clicking previews at any time. So, you can predict visitors’ reactions and positive/negative experiences. If everything looks fine, you can deploy the site on the Internet in minutes.

The platform has user responsible design that can be familiar to developers with coding skills. If you are experienced in this you can find the system pretty helpful and intuitive. There are many editing features that require time to manage them well.

It works with flexible layouts and grids that provide us with possibilities to set everything accurately. We can apply our video reels, illustrations, and photos to the site design. Also, Editor X supports a variety of advanced SEO features where we can customize URLs and meta descriptions. There’s an option to add a blog to the site with possibilities for visitors to comment and for you to moderate them. It’s easy to manage marketing indicators via inner functionality that can be connected to Google Analytics to visualize.

The platform manages to store your previous versions of the site. So, you can jump between them without losing project quality and, most important, your time.

Editor-X pricing

There are three packages that are separated by Personal or Business usage.

  • The most affordable pack costs $22 for personal usage and $29 for business for a month. You can remove Editor X branding, and receive 10/20GB of storage, 1/5 hours of videos, and support.
  • The medium pack is marked as the best value for $35  and $69 monthly depending on personal or business usage. There’s 20/35GB of storage and 2/10 hours of videos.
  • The ultimate pack costs $499/$219 a month. You receive 35/50 GB storage and 5/unlimited hours of videos.

The list of features can be extended by the company. As you can see, the offers are pretty affordable and vary only by the scale of your project.

Find the most experienced company with Editor-X

As soon as you want to realize a big project on Editor X you understand that it’s impossible to predict, develop, and test all features you want. This may look a bit frustrating. Davidov Consulting has been focusing on the Wix Editor X solutions since the platform was launched. The team is able to develop your project from your idea or move your site from other platforms, including Wix to Editor X. You can be absolutely sure to receive the following pros:

  • Systemizing your ideas and vision into a project plan that will be implemented stage by stage.
  • Picking the right professionals for every task.
  • Calculating precise estimates for your project with a clear time range.
  • Providing the best ideas for your site design.
  • Managing and integrating all features into the interface to improve visitors’ UI/UX experience.
  • Confirming site compatibility with all devices without losing its functionality and design.
  • Preparing your site for SEO optimization.
  • Implementing statistics into Google Analytics.

It’s time to work with professionals. Your project deserves it.