Emmanuel Olowe?

Emmanuel experienced youth in Houston, TX, and had reliably been excited about TV and film. He got his first break in the business when he discovered some work as an innovative partner for the short film Bury The Sky in 2012. That possibility gave Emmanuel the lift he expected to begin working the film world. Nigerian-American filmmaker Emmanuel Olowe has a major year in front of him. Now Click Realmannyg. Numerous individuals may know him by his famous online nickname Realmannyg, and this difficult work has gotten some incredible things done since venturing his foot into the business back in 2012.

Early Life & Background

Emmanuel Olowe was brought into the world on December 27, 1993. He went to Trinity Christian Academy in Lake Worth, Florida for his early training and finished his schooling at Manvel High School in Texas, USA. His folks are initially from Osun State and had burned through the vast majority of youth living between Houston, Texas, and Ibadan.

In Films Industries

Emmanuel started his career in 2012 as an assistant in the short narrative “Bury the Sky”. Since the time at that point, he is credited with different parts in film creation and obviously in 2017 handled his first job as associate producer in the British action film Despair, that very year he likewise delivered The Job. Emmanuel Olowe is a Nigerian film essayist and maker with expected total assets of $250,000.

The film isn’t the solitary thing that Emmanuel is vigorous about. He furthermore loves forming and sharing stories. Emmanuel can barely wait to confer his stories to the world and is believing this book opens up new endeavors for him.

Films Produced by Emmanuel Olowe

From that point forward Emmanuel has worked consistently as the partner and leader maker on various movies, including:

        Despair (2017)

        The Job (2017)

        Memento Mori (2020)

         Honey and Wine (2020)

         The Ritual (2021)

        The Last Man on Earth (2021)

         Residence at Risk 2 (2021)

         Michael Sammler (2021)

         Hijacked – Spiel des Todes (2021)

         The Cartel Queen (2021)

         The Boy With A Knife (2021)

He has a few more film projects in progress, including The Cartel Queen and Michael Sammler. This expert is reliably involved and has no plans of ending anytime soon.


Olowe works effectively at making a struggle inside the story and the peruser is constantly left thinking about how the contention will be settled. This is a stunt that numerous narrators neglect to dominate and it unquestionably shows through Olowe’s composition. How he presents the contention will force the peruser to go with the story and simultaneously, the strain will work as the peruser sits tight for a goal. An elegantly composed short story will leave the peruser needing more and one that success grants is confirmation that a story essayist can to be sure be an honor champ. He composed numerous works and filled in as a maker and got more achievement throughout everyday life.

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