Escape room games- why are they so popular?

Do you know what an escape room game even is? Playing video games and games on your Xbox and PlayStation seems to be a thing of the past. We have entered into the realm of hyper-reality games and no doubt playing them is a whole new lot of fun. 

Escape room games are the next-generation games that take us into a hyper world filled with excitement and packed action. This is a game where you are no longer limited to your computer or laptop screens but you can sense the game as you are playing it. 

This detailed and unrealistic game such as escape room Sydney CBD makes players enjoy the character in a truly unlimited sense. 

The dawn of escape VR rooms

Welcome to the new gaming world of VR games where you can sense each moment in the game like never before. Packed with action and excitement playing the escape room VR games is not for the weak-hearted. 

With an escape room game, your primary goal is to either complete a set of challenges, tasks, or missions within a preset time. You are expected to complete the objectives as fast as possible and get out of the escape room. 

With an escape room game, you have to be creative and challenge your mind and think on your feet at each second. 

You know that your objective is to plan the goals one by one and then complete the smaller designated tasks. There can be different types of escape rooms such as escape room with two people, or more. 

Even you can play the escape room games on a solo basis. 

Playing with your friends gives you the ultimate thrill and fun 

Playing escape room games with your friends gives you a lot of fun. You can see your friends packed up in teams and thus designate the tasks to each member within the playing team. 

Within the escape room, each player’s contribution is going to contribute to either your way to success or failure. 

While playing any escape room with a scenario will test you on your team playing skills, creative and your potential to think outside the box as you try and solve the puzzles and challenges within an escape room Sydney CBD. 

What to do before playing an escape room game?

It’s fair to say that with the popularization of VR escape room games there are many types of games with a scenario that have attracted the youth. 

You need to make several choices first before entering into an escape room though. This is-

Choosing an adventure scenario

The first thing that you need to do for an escape room with two people is to choose the scenario or adventure of the game. There are various types of escape room games available. These include thriller-type criminal games, heist games, games set in a futuristic or historic world, and war-based games.

The various types of adventure scenarios will test you on a different level and it’s fair to say that each one of them will test you on different aspects. 

Solving the puzzles and overcoming the puzzles

Depending on the game scenario and adventure you are expected to deal with similar puzzles and smaller objectives within the game. 

Solve the puzzles and come out of the game within the preset time which is usually one hour. For example, an escape room with two people will be playing as a team with other opponent players who are locked in a different escape room but playing against one another. 

Working together to come out of the escape room alive

Yes, this is your ultimate objective. The objectives are set and so is the time and thus you are to complete them in whatever way possible and come out alive. Exceed the time and you fail to complete the mission!!! Isn’t that thrilling enough?

What are the challenges that players face when playing an escape room game?

Players getting inside the escape room are expected to deal with mind-boggling challenges based on a specific scenario. 

Each type of escape room Sydney CBD is expected to test the players on their team playing strength, creativity, and ability to think in different ways to solve the puzzles and tasks. 

Enjoy escaping!!!!

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