Essential tips for automotive parts packaging

The automotive industry is one of the always booming industries of all time. There is constant research and progress in this sector. Millions of people are part of this industry all over the world. The majority of them work for the automotive parts business.

The automotive parts business is a heavy-duty business. Auto parts packaging is always a topic of discussion as it needs a lot of attention because of the weight of parts. The auto part packaging box used to pack automotive parts has to be of a certain quality to bear the weight. OBTPackaging has a special department that deals with auto part packaging.

Auto parts need to be packed with care to prevent any damage. Here are some tips to follow to have foolproof packing.

Product Weight

Product weight plays the main role in the choice of packaging. The quality and durability of the packaging are based on the fragility and weight of the automotive part. These guides can be found at OBTPackaging too for the facilitation of sellers. The packaging materials should also root from the nature of the product too. Keeping the weight in mind, these are the factors to look for in a packaging box.

Packaging Material Choice

Handling goods is a very challenging area of any supply chain. The product has been through the manufacturing process and the faulty pieces are already out. Now the crucial part is to make sure that the product remains safe until it reaches the customer.

Here comes the role of a packing box. The material used in auto parts packaging has to be sturdy and strong to carry the weight of the product. The design of the packaging box is the next step of this part. A practical design of the box has the ability to make the supply chain process easy for the packers.

Corrugated sheets are one of  the strongest materials used to pack to hold the weight of heavier products. If the product is too heavy for any kind of cardboard then a wooden auto part packaging box is used to carry it.

Filling Internal Packaging

In the packaging of automotive parts, the internal packing of every individual part is important too. There are multiple materials to use as internal packaging of the automotive parts. These are the materials often used as internal packing.

●       Foam

●       Bubble wrap

●       Partition cardboards

●       Plastic sheets

All these internal fillings provide cushion to the auto parts. Some of these fillings make sure that the box does not collapse and handle the sharp ends of the product. The weight of the product also gets optimized with the use of appropriate filling materials.

The fillings used to create the partition amongst the multiple products inside the box also have a huge role to play. Most of the auto parts are made of metal, so these partitions prevent any kind of friction and damage to the products.

Final Seal of the Packaging

Once the product has gone into the auto parts packaging box, the next step is to seal the packaging box. Sealing can not be overlooked as it assures the safety of the boxes too. Again you need to keep a check on the weight of the product. The heavier your products are the more sealing it requires to keep the products in their place.

Regular tape for packing might not turn out to be the best sealing decision. A heavy auto part can easily cut through the regular tape and can cause serious damage.

The best tapes to use for the auto parts packaging are tape with water-activated tape and cross-weave fiber. For the maximum protection of the packaging box and product, both of these tapes can be used together. Mutual reinforcement by these tapes provides extra protection. A flimsy seal of packaging can instantly ruin the mood of your customer as auto parts are not cheap products. A satisfied customer is what establishes your business in the market, so there can not be any compromise on that.

Transit Security

Once you are done with all the essential packaging that was required to keep the product safe, the next and final step is to make your auto part packaging safe for transit. There are multiple measures you can take to ensure the general security of the auto parts packaging box. You can simply use security tags or seals which inform the handlers that this is auto parts packaging. These tags can be custom-made from OBTPackaging. Care instructions of the package can also be included on the packaging to make sure further protection.

The main goal of any packaging is to guarantee the safety of the product so it reaches the customer safely. If it gets sorted out then you can satisfy this side of the business.

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