Eternity Bands: Meaning and History

There are so many items that all men and women both like are the rings when it comes to jewelry. When it comes to rigs, several different types of rings hold a special meaning, such as engagement rings, wedding rings, promise rings and eternity bands. They all have their importance, and each is given at a particular moment to make it more memorable.

When talking about Eternity rings, they have been a traditional and classic gift to express love and care. Eternity rings define elegance and a way to promise each other eternal love. Eternity rings can be a great present on special days such as birthdays and anniversaries to convey the message of love and appreciation.

Here you can learn all about the eternity rings, how they originated when you can give these rings, and everything related to them.

Origination of Eternity Rings: 

Eternity Rings have been in the world for a very long time, and this concept goes back to about 4000 years ago and until Egyptian times. In the past, these rings were used to communicate love and were used as a token of appreciation.

However, the rings were as beautiful and elegant as they are now in the past. The eternity bands were carved from stones and rocks, simple circles with cute and small stones all over the circumference. But now, when you go to the market to purchase the eternity rings, you can find stunning, beautiful and unique eternity bands.

Meaning of Eternity Bands: 

The eternity bands are a symbol of never-ending and eternal love. When the two people are in a relationship, this eternity band helps them show each other that they are really in love and wish their relationship is everlasting. The eternity band has a continuous band of gemstones representing eternity, hence called eternity bands.

When should we give Eternity Bands: 

There are no rules when a couple should exchange the Eternity bands. Since it is a sign of showing eternal love, these bands can be exchanged at the beginning of a relationship or even ten years after the marriage. Therefore, these rings can be given at any special occasion like birthdays or even to celebrate small milestones like six months or first anniversary—it is just a tiny gesture of love and appreciation.

Is Eternity Ring same as Promise Ring: 

Other than eternity rings, there are many other days such as weddings, anniversaries and promise rings. However, people get confused about the promise rings and the eternity rings. Promise rings and eternity bands are both given to show eternal love, but the latter is provided on important and special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. At the same time, promise rings are given before marriage to promise the other person that they will spend their life together.

Types of Eternity Bands: 

When you purchase the eternity bands, there are two different types of eternity bands: the full eternity bands and the half eternity bands. The difference between the two rings is the setting of the stone. The whole band has the stone all around the circumference and the half eternity band has the stone only on the half side of the band.

How to find the Perfect Eternity Bands: 

You need to check a plethora of things before purchasing the perfect eternity band. Following are some of the points that will help you find the perfect eternity band.

  • Choosing the Metal of the Eternity Band: 

There are differences in metal when it comes to eternity bands. The most common metals are platinum, silver and gold. If you are looking for diamond eternity bands, you should consider using silver as the base metal because it complements the stone, but you can surely choose the other two options.

  • Stone for the Eternity Bands: 

There is no set of rules or orders for the stones that should be used in the eternity bands. However, the common stones are diamonds, ruby, and some other stones. But when picking the stone, you should consider your partner’s preference and their lifestyle as some stones get scratched easily. When you are purchasing the stone, there are 4 things that you need to consider: the carat, color, clarity and the cut of the stones. All of these things will help you evaluate the quality of the stones.

  • The setting of the Stones: 

Another crucial thing that needs to be selected is the setting of the stone. You can find some beautiful settings in the market, and a few of the most popular settings are mentioned below:

  • Prong Setting: 

The most popular and classic arrangement of the stone is the prong setting. This setting allows the most sparkle of the stone and allows the stone’s brilliance.

  • Pave Setting: 

If you have a small diamond or small stone, this pave setting is the best option. This allows maximum protection to the diamond and allows the light to reflect the stone.

  • Shared prong: 

One of the most famous eternity stones is the shared prong. This setting gives a lot of flexibility to do the designing on the stone and offers a lot of protection to the stone.

  • Full Prong: 

If you want a lot of settings and a beautiful setting, then the full prong can be the best choice. It secures the diamond well and is also very comfortable to wear.

Other than this, there are many different settings when it comes to the eternity band setting.


Eternity bands can be a great gift to show their love and care to one another. You can find some fantastic eternity bands in the market that are very beautiful and look incredibly stunning when your partner wears them. Hence, if you are looking for a gift to give your partner, eternity bands can be a great option.

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