Baby’s Day Out

You might claim to be the best when it comes to packing luggage for a day out or a road trip, maybe because you do it too often. But everything changes when you have a baby on board. You never know what your baby might need, so you end up packing a lot of stuff. Most of it is unnecessary, and carrying it around with your baby is a tough job. Even if you take a wagon stroller with you, sometimes the packed stuff is just too much for a regular stroller to handle. 

A Wonderfold stroller wagon has just the right amount of space and comfort that your child needs on their trip. Here is everything necessary to keep with you on your baby’s day out so you can have the perfect family time.

The baby carrier

The essential part of your trip is to have a stroller with you that carries your baby for you. This is because you cannot pick the child up at all times, for your arms will get tired. And you will not be able to enjoy the day out. The Wonderfold wagon 2 seater does the job perfectly. Easy to move around and holds your stuff and the baby’s diaper bag for you too. It is spacious and comfortable, which is the primary concern.


This is the top important thing to keep. Have a whole pack of diapers with you, for you never know when you might need one. A little backup in the case of diapers is always necessary. Make sure you check up on your baby now and then too. If the diaper leaks on accident, it can be absolute chaos for you. So ensure that it is wrapped properly and has no chances of leaking.

A changing station

It is not easy to change a diaper while travelling. Things can get extremely messy if you do not do them right. So always have a little changing station with you. A foldable one would be the best option which you can easily store in your Wonderfold stroller wagon w2. Or you can have a small plastic blanket and baby wipes with you for the task. Also, disposable shoppers are a must to keep all the dirty stuff in them.

Feeding bottles

Keep at least two bottles with you. Always stay prepared in case of any emergency, for being over-prepared has no harm. Even if you breastfeed your baby, keep bottled milk with you while on a trip, for you never know when the child decides to be hungrier. 

Extra clothes

Have a few extra clothes with you because babies are very messy. They are bound to ruin their outfit once or twice by spilling something or even throwing up milk. In such a situation, even bibs do not work at times. The diaper can betray and leak on accident too. So, it is best to have spare clothes with you. You can always fold them and keep them in your wagon


What happens if your baby starts crying and you are too tired to pick him up? Babies get bored super quick. So keep your kid’s favourite stuffed toys or small rattles with you to keep the child busy. This way, you can get a short nap in the car too, while your baby enjoys playing with the toy. It is a convenient way to travel with your baby.

Emergency first aid kit

An emergency first aid kit with ointments, creams and syrups should be on your checklist. Hang it with your stroller wagon. Makes it a safe stroller. It can be possible that your child gets an allergic reaction to anything. Or even a fever or hurts himself during the travel. Stay prepared for any mishap. A sanitiser should be with you at all times, considering the current situation of Covid. Keep your baby clean and safe. Also, remember to have regular medicines like those for cough or cold and if your child is on any medication, keep those with you too.


In case you are travelling at night for a picnic or a day out, keep a small torch with you. It can come in handy if your child needs to get a diaper change or if you need to feed. This way, you will not have to disturb anyone else and do the task without any inconvenience. 

Rash Cream

There is a high probability that your baby will get a rash during a day out. This is because you might not get a chance to change the diaper every two hours. To avoid any discomfort, keep a rash cream with you, so your baby is not in any pain. A crying baby ruins the trip, so make sure your child is well and laughing and is not uncomfortable because of anything.

Wrapping it up

These were all the basic necessities you need to keep with you when you are going on a baby’s day out. Let it be a drive that is hours long or a small picnic in the nearby park; keep all this stuff in your wagon stroller and have a fantastic time as a family.

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