Everything You Need to Know About Hand Gel Sanitizers

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, hand sanitizers have become our favorite companions. Hand sanitizer demand has risen to a large extent worldwide recently as it is a perfect product to keep us safe from the deadly viruses and germs surrounding us. Hand sanitizers are found in two forms: liquid sanitizer and the other is gel sanitizer. Both the sanitizers have their benefits and can be sued accordingly. One of the most efficient ways of measuring a sanitizer’s quality is the alcohol content, which helps to protect our hands from viruses. To know more about the hand gel sanitizer, it is essential to throw light on both the liquid and gel sanitizers to understand better.

Top Differences Between Hand Gel and Liquid Sanitizers

Below are some differences between the hand gel and liquid sanitizer.

  • Liquid sanitizers act faster on the surfaces applied as compared to gel sanitizer. Liquid hand sanitizers start their reaction in just 15 seconds after applying, whereas hand gel sanitizers can take as long as 30 seconds to show their effects.
  • Liquid hand sanitizers dry faster after applying when compared to hand gel sanitizers. Liquid sanitizers are absorbed quickly as it is in the liquid form, whereas hand gel sanitizers take more time to dry as they are in the gel state.
  • Liquid Hand sanitizers leave significantly fewer residues or no residue at all depending on the compound used. Hand gel sanitizer leaves several residues in the hands and wherever applied by an individual. The hands need to wash after a specific time if you are using a hand gel sanitizer. 

Benefits of Hand Gel Sanitizers

There are several benefits of hand gel sanitizers over liquid sanitizers, which are mentioned below. Hand gel sanitizer benefits have been appreciated worldwide, responsible for the massive demand for the same.

  • Hand gel sanitizers are the best options to be used throughout the day. They are safer to the skin as compared to liquid sanitizers. Their effects last longer as they are in the gel form and stick to the hand for prolonged periods. 
  • Hand gel sanitizers are easy to be carried around and can be kept anywhere. They come in various sizes are can fit your pocket and keep you safe while you go out. Hand gel sanitizers can be used in your gadgets to keeping them away from deadly viruses and germs.
  • Hand gel sanitizers are less useful to the hand and can be used several times a day. Hand gel sanitizers come in various flavors, and one can select the most suitable one for their skin.
  • Hand gel sanitizers help moisturize the hands as they come with emollients that help keep your hand soft and smooth. 
  • Hand gel sanitizers are very suitable products as they require significantly less time compared to washing your hands. 
  • Hand gel sanitizers work quite faster than washing hands as they immediately start to show their effects and kill all the germs and bacteria.
  • Hand gel sanitizers are less irritating to the skin as compared to soap and water. They can be applied several times throughout the day.
  • Hand gel sanitizers can be shared with group and family members as it comes in a bottle that is sealed perfectly when not in use. They can be used in collaboration with the best energy supplements
  • There is a significantly lesser risk of getting diseases if you always carry a hand gel sanitizer with you. The main point of contact in your hands, and if we protect it with a right-hand gel sanitizer, then the risks are lessened to a great extent.

How to Use a Hand Gel Sanitizer?

The procedure to use a hand gel sanitizer is straightforward and does not require any assistance. Every hand sanitizer pack comes with all the necessary instructions mentioned in the pack itself. Below we will be explaining the best way to use your hand gel sanitizer to keep you protected and safe.

  • It is advised to first clean your hand entirely before leaving the house.
  • Once the hands are cleaned, dry it using a clean, dry towel.
  • Let the hands dry entirely before applying the hand gel sanitizer.
  • Once the hands are dried completely, you can apply the hand gel sanitizer.
  • Ensure the sanitizer is rubbed throughout the hands between the fingers and a little bit above till your wrist. Rubbing your hands together will ensure the hand sanitizer has reached your full hand.
  • Keep applying the sanitizer from time to time to keep your hands protected if you are outside and have no facilities for washing your hand.
  • Always ensure to wash your hands once you have water and soap after applying hand sanitizer several times. 


Hand Gel sanitizers are like a blessing in disguise for people worldwide, which has helped combat the Covid-19 with a smile. Hand gel sanitizers are an essential item and should be carried at all times for the best results. Always carry a pair of hand gel sanitizers when you leave home.

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