Instagram has become a phenomenally popular, and influential social media channel in the world. It boasts of having more than 1 billion users and generating top engagement rates. The versatile and powerful platform is not just growing, but it is also evolving constantly. Many new features are being introduced so, you come across interesting Instagram news and updates now and then. 

We know that 2020 has been a futile year for many businesses because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdown imposed to curb the spread of the pandemic has been pretty disturbing for consumers. Several social platforms were compelled to adapt their functionalities for helping their users. However, Instagram could manage to leap forward. They not only came up with COVID-19 updates and advice from various renowned health organizations, they even developed a host of new features for helping small businesses during the dire circumstances and lockdown restrictions.

According to Forbes, with numerous users spending more time on Instagram and such other apps than ever before, several business owners are happy to see impressive and positive conversion rates. Shrewd businesses have understood that a market segment still exists that is not at all financially challenged despite the COVID-19 global pandemic and lockdown. Here are some interesting Instagram news and updates.

Introduction of Suggested Posts

Instagram has recently introduced the Suggested Posts feature. Once you have browsed through the recent posts of all the Instagram accounts followed by you, a stream of suggested posts will appear. Is there a way of turning Suggested Posts off? We understand that this new Instagram feature triggered the wrath and fury of several users chiefly because of its invasiveness. The unfortunate fact is that you cannot turn off Suggested Posts. At the most, you can intimate Instagram about the specific posts you are not interested in and do not wish to see. For doing that, you may consider tapping the three dots that appear above the post. You may click on the option “Not interested”. It helps IG to target their suggestions better.

Story Stickers

In the past few months, we have witnessed the introduction of many new types of story stickers. These amazing story stickers could help in enhancing the interactive UX or user experience. 

  • Donation Sticker: You may choose a particular nonprofit organization for users to donate to. You could rest assured that all nonprofits will be obtaining 100 percent of the money raised by you. 
  • Challenge Sticker:  As numerous people started 2020 while in a self-quarantine at home, Internet challenges soon became pretty popular. This specific Story sticker helps you to join Internet challenges that are named using a hashtag for making it far more identifiable and for boosting its overall reach. Then they can consider nominating some other users.
  • DM Me Sticker: Instagram has come up with the brand new DM Me Sticker for prompting messaging interaction. From the perspective of a brand or business, a DM Me sticker could prove to help promote your merchandise along with a call-to-action for getting more info. 

Stay Home Sticker: With the ongoing onslaught of COVID-19, you can consider reminding people to stay confined to their homes by incorporating the Stay at Home stickers for your Instagram Stories. In this context, you may buy Instagram comments to boost your follower count instantly by contacting a digital marketing agency.

Support Small Business Sticker: It is quite a well-known fact that the COVID-19 global pandemic has left a negative impact on numerous businesses particularly small ones. For supporting the cause of small businesses Instagram introduced the “Support small business” sticker. You may consider tagging any business using this specific sticker on Instagram. 

Facebook Shops Can Be Accessed by Instagram

Facebook has taken a major leap forward into e-commerce by launching Facebook Shops that could be accessible via not only Facebook but also Instagram. Businesses could now think of creating customizable product catalogs that users can consider saving, sharing, and even buying from. You may opt for a specific product you wish to flaunt, consider adding a cover image. Choose a color theme for adding a unique look to your e-store. Users can get robust customer support very much within the app. Facebook is busy rolling out innovative features for making the user experience richer, more enjoyable, and more complete.

IGTV Preview

For making IGTV posts far more visible and for boosting their organic reach. Instagram decided to consider them as regular Instagram posts. It implies that your recently published IGTV video would appear in the newsfeed of your followers and even in your profile feed. There’s just a major difference. It will be playing as just a 60-second preview for attracting and navigating users wisely towards the complete video.

Conclusion Of late, there have been several updates and news in terms of Instagram features right from more accessible posts of IGTV and advanced Instagram story features to relatively softer block forms. We know that this powerful social media channel seems to be evolving constantly. It is a good idea to stay abreast of the latest developments.


By sanket