Explore Some Music Production Myths

Music plays a significant role in our lives. We have seen how music has been helpful in getting through the COVID-19 global pandemic as per Huffington Post. In the latest survey involving 2,000 participants, almost 23 percent or a quarter admitted that music and live streaming had been their pillars of support during the lockdown. Music proved to be useful in enhancing mental health and overall peace of mind during dire circumstances. So let us focus our attention on music production today. Technical and creative possibilities are endless right from arranging a song to efficiently producing your final track. However, music production has its own set of myths and misconceptions.

If you seek advice on something different people will offer different suggestions. Some people will guide you towards acquiring a sound knowledge of music theory while others will tell you that it is not an important issue at all so you may not pursue it. Some experts may advise you to consider using Logic Pro X while others may insist on using Ableton Live. However, everyone will agree on one point that the music production world is full of myths and misconceptions. Let us discover some common music production myths.

Myth: There Are Set Rules to Follow

Music production is certainly a detail-oriented process. While creating commercial sound mixes many people assume that you need to follow a few set rules. It is a myth and does not allow this mindset to bog down your creativity. The fact that you have to follow a few dos and don’ts while producing electronic music is a misconception and it will end up giving you the ‘artistic tunnel vision’. This will damage the essence of your arrangements and will stop you from creating unique and intuitive music that could distinguish you from the rest.

Music production should necessarily be a creative and fun process. There is no concept of a mistake in electronic music production. Let your imagination run wild. Keep experimenting and follow your heart. You are sure to come up with something unique and fascinating like never before. However, you may consider joining music production courses in Mumbai for building your confidence and giving your music a whole new dimension.

Myth: Expensive Third-Party Plugins Are Necessary for Mixing Well

Fancy plugins are certainly not the key to your success as a music producer. Just because you have expensive plugins that do not mean that you are a better music producer. Generally speaking, stock plugins are good enough for catering to your needs. You should look for plugins that are relevant to and complement your style of music.

Today, you have access to a host of fabulous plugins free online that are awesome and deliver quick outcomes. You do not have to rely on expensive third-party plugins. You should be able to create great music with all your stock plugins if you are creative and inherently talented. Get more at  Groovy Boot.

Myth: You Require Lots of Money & High-End Studio Equipment 

It is a myth today because currently everything is digitalized. Your laptop, sound card, and studio monitors are all you require to get started with your music production career. You do not have to spend on astronomically priced premium-quality studio equipment anymore. Of course, music software is slightly expensive but today, you have easy access to a host of free plugins, VST synths, and pretty affordable DAWs. You can be a successful music producer even if you are not rolling in money. You may start using Reaper in case of budgetary constraints. Hard work and a creative mind are the cornerstones to your success, not fancy plugins.


Steer clear of the above electronic music production myths and go ahead with a strong belief in your creativity and deeply ingrained talent.


By Salman Ahmad

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