slot machines

Ever wondered why casinos have slot machines right up front as you enter? It’s because these machines generate the maximum money for casinos, even more than table games. The house edge is on the higher side, and the odds also favor the casino. The chances of winning at a slot machine are minimal. Besides, players lose most of their money on these machines. But they still love to play on these machines. Why? First, it’s simple to play, and second, you do not require any skill.

However, the highest payout of a slot machine can be life-changing. The fraction of players winning any amount might be the smallest, but the idea of one spin away from the fortune keeps attracting people. In the early days, slot machines were considered a distraction. It was a normal mechanical game, which had only three spinning reels. The prizes were minimal, and it was not a value-for-money game.

Today, the times have changed. Online and traditional casinos have adapted to modern style. There are more variations in the game, different styles, and more types of bets, rewards, and bonuses. The gaming experience is more immersive, and people like spending time on slot machines.

Below, you will find different types of slot machine games.

Different categories of slot machines

Many of you must be familiar with spinning wheel slot games. There are other types of games as well that qualify for slot machines.

Traditional slots

It’s the most common slot machine available in every online or offline casino. This machine has three or more spinning reels. After getting a winning combination, you win money. These machines are the cash cow of the casinos that add up to 60-70% of the total revenue of an average casino.

Video poker

The game belongs to the slot family. It’s a card game that gives you five cards virtually, and you are required to make the best poker hand possible. The payout depends on the strength of your hand. While the conventional slot machines favor the house, some video poker games eliminate the house edge based on the combination of hand and the table.

Video bingo

This game uses an electronic video card instead of spinning reels. There are two popular video bingo games, Latin and American Bingo. Both games vary in playing conditions and rules but are famous in different parts of the world.


It’s a Japanese version of slot machines commonly available in Japanese arcades. These slot machines have three reels, buttons to stop the spin manually, and a three-coin wager. Since these machines can be stopped, the payout is better than traditional slot machines.

Different types of slot machines

Single coin machines

These machines were used in earlier days and are now difficult to find. The technology is obsolete in these machines because modern slot machines can accept multiple coins and paper money. Single coin machines were boring and less profitable as compared to modern machines. Some of the older casinos have these machines, so you can still enjoy the classic spinning experience.


These are more advanced and modern machines. Casinos now use multipliers to attract more people. It offers a better chance of winning, as you can play with more coins. These machines payout proportionally to all the winning combinations. You can increase your winnings by wagering more coins.

Buy your pay machine

These slot machines are risky, as you need additional coins to unlock winning combinations. It accepts multiple coins in one spin, and each coin determines the activation of the winning combination. The payback also depends on the number of coins inserted into the machine. Therefore, you must wager maximum coins to increase the chances of winning. These machines are not commonly found. Some of them are available in a few traditional casinos.

Multiple pay line machines

Typical slot machines have one pay line where a winning combination is formed. In multiple pay line machines, there are several pay lines to offer more attractiveness to the player. It requires an extra coin to activate an additional pay line. However, more pay lines do not increase your chances of winning.

Wild play machines

It’s a new addition to slot machines that are gaining popularity rapidly. Wild play machines are more fun to play than any other slot machines. It can increase your winning twice, thrice, and even five times. Wild is a special symbol that can be substituted for other symbols and allows you to make winning combinations. Some wilds also offer bonuses that further multiply your winnings.

Progressive slot machines

These slot machines are a quick route to becoming a millionaire. In this mechanism, multiple slot machines are linked to each other. The jackpot keeps increasing with each player wagering on these machines as a small percentage is added to the jackpot. Once any player hits the winning combination, the jackpot resets and starts building again. You can find such slot games at FanDuel casino.

Combined slots

There are many options available to choose from that can confuse players. To counter this problem, casinos have combined slots. It can be a combination of any two or three slot machines, and wagering on these slot machines can activate maximum payout options.