Getting solid amber LED is one of the most thwarting issues faced by Linksys router users. Due to this annoying issue, it has become very difficult for them to access the lag-free internet on their connected devices. Are you facing the same issue with your Linksys router? Need not to worry! We are here to assist you! Through this piece of writing, you will get to know about the several tips that will help you get rid of Linksys router amber LED issue in a fly. Let’s take the plunge!

For better understanding of Linksys router amber LED issue – we have divided the article into 2 different sections:

  • The first one will reveal the most common yet major reasons why the LED on your Linksys router is solid amber

  • The second one will provide you the fixes to troubleshoot the issue. Keep scrolling down!

Reasons Behind Linksys Router Solid Amber LED Issue

There can be various reasons why you are experiencing the solid amber LED issue with your Linksys router. A few of them are listed below. Scroll down a little!

  • Your Linksys router and modem are not well-connected.

  • The Ethernet cable connecting your router and modem is damaged.

  • You haven’t completed the  Linksys router setup  process properly.

  • Your Linksys router is not placed at its ideal location.

  • The firmware of your Linksys router is outdated.

  • WiFi signals of your Linksys router and getting interfered by neighboring WiFi devices, or the baby monitors and Bluetooth speakers you own.

  • Your router is not getting steady power supply.

  • The wall socket in which your Linksys router is plugged in is damaged.

That’s all! So, these were some of the common yet major reasons why the LED on your Linksys router is solid amber. Now, let’s dig a little deeper and find out how to get rid of the issue in a fly. Keep scrolling down!

Tips to Fix Linksys Router Solid Amber LED Issue

Tip 1: Check the Power Supply

Start by checking the power supply being supplied to your Linksys router. Is it getting an adequate and fluctuation-free power supply from its respective wall outlet? In case not, then it might be because of the damaged wall outlet. Therefore, to fix the issue, either repair the wall socket or plug in your Linksys router into another one. Doing so might fix the Linksys router amber LED issue for you. On the off chance if the issue continues to persists, continue reading.

Tip 2: Relocate Your Linksys Router

Yes, you read it right! An improper location can also degrade the performance of your Linksys router and lead you to the solid amber LED issue. Thus, ensure that the device is placed at its ideal location.

Apart from that, it is suggested – not to place your Linksys router and modem too far or too closer. Besides, place your router away from interference-creating WiFi devices. In order to get the most out of your Linksys device, place it on a higher and at the center-most area in your home.

Tip 3: Perform Linksys Router Firmware Update

Updating the firmware of your Linksys router can also help you fix the solid amber LED issue. So, navigate to Linksys WiFi setup page using the default  Linksys router login  details (unless changed), follow the on-screen instructions and update the firmware of your device in a jiffy.

Tip 4: Configure Your Linksys Router

Are you still going nuts because of the Linksys router solid amber LED issue? If so, then ensure that you have configured the device in a proper manner.

Drop us a line into the comments sections – in case you need assistance for updating Linksys router firmware and configuring it in a proper manner.

Bonus: If you own a Linksys extender and need help for Linksys WiFi extender setup   , do let us know.