Facts To Know Before Booking Lahore To London Flights

Congratulations if you’re planning a trip to London and you’re reading this before book Lahore to London flights. When you arrive, you’re already well on your way to being a savvy tourist. Find all the essential facts and local knowledge you must know before visiting this great city.

London is the Smallest City in England


That’s the truth. The megacity we know as London is known initially as Greater London, and the City of London is just a tiny part of this vast metropolis. It is England’s population of only 9,123 people.

London’s Technically a Forest


The city of London is more environmentally friendly than you can ever imagine. The amount of greenery and green space available in London is difficult to comprehend until you’ve been. Indeed, the density of trees per square mile defines it as a forest according to the United Nations definition.

Most museums in London are free


The Tower of London is a must-see attraction, but it’s pricey and crowded with visitors. As cool as seeing the Crown Jewels is, it’s nothing compared to seeing the Rosetta Stone or the Elgin Marbles for free at the British Museum. You can still go to the Victoria and Albert Museum, which is free and correct next to the Science Museum, which is also free and you can also go to the Natural History Museum if you’re looking for regal finery and amazingly it’s also free.

Thursdays Are the New Fridays


It’s known that Londoners put in a lot of effort. As a result, it’s no wonder that we’re able to let off steam by Thursday.

Take the Bus When You Can


You should know before booking Lahore to London flights is taking the bus whenever possible. People who have visited London before must be staunch supporters of London buses. If you compare it to the tunnel, daylight, phone signal, and quite often, a seat is all included as usual. You will almost always find a bus that will take you where you want to go within a 5-minute walk of wherever you are in London. It’s also much less expensive than taking the tunnel, and many work 24 hours a day.

Ask for Restaurant Recommendations


There are plenty of fantastic restaurants in London’s West End, which is good news for visitors, but there are also plenty of tourist traps trying to make a quick buck. To be sure, get a recommendation from the internet, your hotel’s front desk, a local friend! Also, don’t miss out on the top-notch foreign cuisine that London is renowned for, such as Sushi or Lebanese cuisine.

Plan Your Routes Beforehand


It might seem obvious, but one of the most important things to remember before visiting London is that it is a massive city. So, before you go out for the day or night, make sure you get your bearings and choose the most reasonable path. You can quickly get around the city with a bit of forethought. The majority of the major attractions are in the heart of the town, but don’t assume that all is only a few tubes stops away. Before you plan to opt for cheap air tickets to London, make sure that you plan everything because you won’t have much time to prepare while you are at your destination. We know that this fact will surprise many of you, especially if you plan to book Lahore To London flights.

Shopping Alternatives: Know About them


This one will come in handy for shopaholics. It is to be admitted that shopping on Oxford Street is a nightmare, particularly on a Saturday. It’s famous for its shops, but London has many other fantastic shopping streets where you can find the same stores without the crowds. For a less crowded London shopping experience, visit:

  • Covent Garden
  • The Kings Road
  • Regent Street
  • Westfield Shopping Centre

Know About Big Ben?


Tourists from all over Pakistan book Lahore to London flights and come to take selfies next to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament on Westminster Bridge. Unfortunately, none of them ever remembers to take a photograph of it. Big Ben is resides within this world-famous landmark called the Elizabeth Tower. So, you won’t be able to photograph Big Ben, but you may be able to hear it if you’re lucky.

Tower of London: What’s Important?


Six ravens were ordered to be installed in the Tower of London to defend it by Charles II. Six ravens are reportedly still held in the tower today, and they are required to stay there at all times for superstitious reasons. Each raven’s wing has been clipped for added protection, and they even have a spare raven on hand in case one flies away.

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