Bollywood is the fastest-growing films industry in recent times and this is clear from the fact that more and more of these films are including cast members from Hollywood both in large roles as well as cameos.

The Bollywood films industry produces literally hundreds of films annually and the work they put in is truly impressive. If you are both Hollywood as well a Bollywood fan, you will surely love our list of famous Bollywood films that contain cameos from Hollywood Stars.

So, without any further ado, let’s see what these great Bollywood films are

  1. Teen Patti (Ben Kingsley)

This amazing film stars the legendary Amitabh Bachan along with the Hollywood icon Ben Kingsley. The story is about a mathematician who cracks the code to win at a poker card game called Teen Patti. Amitabh Bachan’s grandson Agastya Nanda has also been making headlines in the news.

Some parts of the movie take place in London where Venkat(Amitabh) meets a genius mathematician Perci Trachtenberg played by Kingsley.

The film is truly a masterpiece when it comes to story, emotional weight, and acting from the entire cast.

  1. My Name is Khan (Christopher B. Duncan)

Assuming the role of Barack Obama in the Indian Classic films My Name is Khan, Christopher Duncan blows everyone away with his charm and on-point acting.

The film also casts Bollywood legends, Shahrukh Khan and Kajol. The topic that this movie brings to light is quite sensitive but it is executed with perfection and audiences around the globe just love the message.

  1. KambakhtIshq(Denise Richards)

In this fun and interesting film, Denise Richards portrays the role of a fellow actress who works with the protagonist. This story is about the romantic relationship of a cocky stuntman and a surgeon who is also a part-time model. The movie is really fun to watch thanks to the amazing acting and well-written plot.

  1. Singh is King (Snoop Dog)

This hilarious and action-filled movie is about an optimistic and kind of naïve person named Happy, who due to some turn of events becomes King of the underworld.

The movie stars Snoop Dog in a few scenes which are considered iconic to this day. The movie is really a cinematic masterpiece, and the music is really upbeat and funky. Rohanpreet Singh is another famous Indian actor is supposedly working on moving with Hollywood actor cameos.

  1. Student of The Year 2 (Will Smith)

This great film is about a guy who moves to Mridula to pursue his love. The film has an appearance from the Hollywood Star Will Smith in one of its amazing songs titled “The Jawani”.

The protagonist who belongs to a humble background goes to one of the rich schools and comes up with various pranks and shenanigans to fit in with the new crowd. The film has both romance as well as great humor for you to enjoy.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the best Bollywood movies with cameos from some of the biggest Hollywood icons. These movies have done very well commercially and the audiences just love these from their hearts.

We urge you to watch one or more of these films to have endless fun. We really hope this list of films gives you what you are looking for and we wish you the best.