Features Of A Good Water Purifier


Nowadays, water from any natural source is not at all safe, and you should start treating water purifiers as necessities, not luxury. Whether you are living in the municipality area or any other area, natural water contains hard contaminants that can harm you in so many ways and the most crucial part is, you will have to suffer from waterborne diseases as well.

Water sources such as rivers, or wells are not safe for healthy living and not only contaminants, but they also contain germs. Waterborne diseases are increasing day by day, and they are most common as well. What are the reasons? Of course, impure water.

People who live in rural areas still, consider water purifiers as a luxury, and they are the most common people who suffer from waterborne diseases. Before you settle for a water purifier, it is very much essential to understand what kind of filtering systems you required and how effective it would be. There are a few types when it comes to water purifiers. Let’s discuss them below. 

Activated Carbon

This is a type of filtration where the carbon particles are being used for filtering the water and making it drinkable. This is the most common filtration you can say, and people all over the world believe in it for a few reasons. The sediments as well as contaminants in water stick to carbon surfaces and eventually, you will get clean water. If you are living in an area where the water contains hard pollutants, then you may opt for this filtration. Also, it will remove the odour from drinking water that may be present. Although the primary drawback of this filter is, it can not kill the microorganisms that are present in water.


This is another type, and in this water purifier, the water is allowed to boil, and vapours are collected in terms of giving you pure drinking water. This process will successfully remove all types of contaminants, microorganisms, and sediments. If you are living in an area where the TDS level is pretty much high, then you can opt for this water filter. However, the only drawback of this filter is, this is slow and wastes a lot of water. Also, it will not let oxygen pass through so the quantity of the water will be reduced.

Ultra Violet Filter

UV filters are the new edition. These are known for using ultraviolet radiation, and it will be more intense than the sun. It will effectively kill viruses, bacteria, oocysts, moulds, and algae that may be present in the water. These filters work most effectively when the water is passing through the UV filtration, and it will give you pure water which is free from any contaminants. If you are living in an area where the water source is a river or lake, you should opt for this water filtration. It will have your back! 

Reverse Osmosis

First of all, if you are looking for the Best Water Purifier For Home In India, then you may check out RO purifiers. Hence, this reverse osmosis technology is the oldest one, and you can entirely rely on this particular one, no matter what is the source of your drinking water. This process will effectively remove contaminants as well as microorganisms in water. So, you can now live a healthy life and gift your family a healthy one too. If the water of your area has a high TDS level, then also you can use this without any hassle. This will make your life easier.

If you think that purified water can only make your health better, then you are wrong. Along with your health, it can also make your skin and hair better. If you are facing significant issues about your skin, then there is a high chance, that’s because of the water. Hence, you should go and buy water purifier today!

Bottom Line

You should not have any doubt about it, and you need to check the requirement which will depend on the area you are living in. You can also get it tight with RO, and they will give you a complete guide.


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