Ways to Tell Your Husband You're Pregnant

It’s that magical time in your life where you finally get to tell your husband about your  pregnancy news. No more keeping it a secret, you’re finally ready to share the amazing news that you’re going to be a mom and he is going to be a dad! But how do you break it to your husband that you’re pregnant? If you’re anything like us, you’re probably going to ask your friends. After all, they’ll know the right way to go about it. So, which are the most common methods to tell your husband that you’re pregnant? Pause for a second, and put your reading glasses on, because you’re going to love this list. Here are the top 5 cute ways to tell husband you’re pregnant.

Have a Meal Together

Meal and snack periods are key moments for family members to eat and converse. It’s impossible to go wrong with delicious food and good conversation. It is the setting in which you will feel relaxed and at ease when announcing some news. Prepare the best meal for your hubby as a surprise. Serve him food the way he likes it, even if he is tired; serve him the meal with your own hand and a gorgeous grin on your face while he eats, knowing that he will be indulging in his favorite after a long day at work. It will put him in a good mood, therefore it is also time to tell him about the pregnancy. You can serve him a glass of wine or whatever drinks he prefers. It will also be an excellent moment to celebrate your pregnancy after getting the news.

Make Him a Video of You Holding Baby

The favored mode of viewing content has shifted; in today’s digital environment, viewers prefer videos and graphics than plain text. To convey powerful video messages, you don’t need a skilled filmmaker or a large budget; all you need is yourself, your message, and a camera. If you make an honest and meaningful video, it will not only be one of the cute ways to tell husband you’re pregnant but also it will be an emotional one. Not only will announcing your pregnancy news in a video surprise him, but it will also evoke an emotional response from him, especially if he sees you cradling a baby. He’ll imagine you holding your own baby and what type of mother you’ll be when he sees you happy and comfortable holding a baby. He’ll be moved by the video and anxiously anticipate your opportunity to hold your own child.

Write Him a Letter

Writing a letter to your husband is one of the cute ways to tell husband you’re pregnant and also a great way to express your gratitude during a difficult time or to discuss some worries. You can write a letter to your husband if you wish to express yourself in words. You might express your gratitude for having him as your husband and discuss your relationship. It’s a wonderful idea to tell him about how you first met, got married, and told him your actual feelings in the letter, and then write the pregnancy announcement at the end. Not only will he be moved by your letter, but he will also feel emotional about the announcement. It’s possible that he’ll cry.

Have a Shower Together

Showering together is one of the most intimate moments between two people. Some couples may grow accustomed to it, while others may find it unappealing. Invite your hubby to join you in the shower. He might assume you’re simply being romantic, so he’ll go along with it and be looking forward to some private time. This is one of the cute ways to tell husband you’re pregnant. Whether there is any change in your belly or if your baby bump is already visible. When he sees you naked and notices your baby bump, he will be shocked. If it is still not obvious, you can inform him while showering together and being intimate and let him hold your tummy. Inform him that there is life inside your womb.

Summarize the Vision Together

Have a great conversation with your husband and discuss your goals as a couple since the day you became lovers to married couples. Talking about your vision can cover topics such as your future family, how many children you want, and your future goals. While you’re talking about it, it’s an excellent time to tell him that one of your dreams, having a baby, is about to come true. This might be an emotional time for both of you, and you’re looking forward to his reaction. This will also allow you more time to discuss your future as parents now that you know you’re expecting a child.

This is also a good opportunity to communicate your feelings and thoughts about the pregnancy. If you’re worried about being pregnant and becoming a mother, you should talk to your husband about it. You should also ask about his genuine feelings. You should both be willing to listen to each other and encourage each other.


With today’s advanced technology, there are numerous means of delivering news to someone. There are numerous ways to inform your husband or loved one that you are pregnant. Some people will spend a lot of money merely to make an announcement, while others will use their creativity to visualize a surprise statement. You can inform your husband you’re pregnant in a variety of ways, from cute ways to tell husband you’re pregnant to simple ones. It matters, but the most important aspect of announcing your pregnancy is the true emotion involved. 

When you learn about pregnancy, you must be honest and communicate your genuine feelings, whether they are positive or bad. And don’t expect too much from your husband’s reaction. You may be excited and ready to become parents, or you may be nervous and unprepared. Keep in mind that you must move forward regardless of the circumstances because everything will fall into place.