A house is an expression of emotions and dreams. The way you design and maintain your house, speaks volumes about your inner self and soul. On the other hand, the color, design, and look of your house have an extensive influence on your mind and thoughts. The colors on the walls, its knick-knacks have a direct impact on the character and atmosphere of its residents. Resultantly, it won’t be wrong to admit that a house, its colors, its appearance is all mirrors, reflecting both inner and outer synergies.

Now that we know how important the visual of a house is, we ought to appreciate that house painting color combinations hold great value.  The significance and denotation of these house painting color combinations vary for interior and exterior combinations. Since we believe change is inevitable and also should be welcomed whole-heartedly, we have curated a collection of some trendy and latest house painting color combinations for you. Sensing the conscious nerve of the new buyers, an even bigger player like Asian Paints has introduced a new palate of shades. The Asian paints prices are exciting and attractive. In comparison with peers too, Asian Paints prices scored better.

As it’s the exterior walls and roofs that are first visible and noticed about any house, let us see some must-try combinations for exterior walls –

  • The legendary combination of brown and cream – The contrast combination of these two colors has been a favorite for ages now. They are easy to maintain, durable for all weather conditions, and looks classy. Whereas cream tones down the darkness, striking the perfect balance and giving that glossy finish.
  • Shades of light or pastel blues coupled with tinges of coffee brown or whites are another most sought after color combinations for house exteriors. Blues help bring out calmness, energy, and dreaminess,while brown fits in well in contrast on doors, windows, frames amongst others. If at all blue is combined with mystical white, it brings out the element of horizon beautifully.

Now let’s move towards exploring some exquisite interior house painting color combinations that have emerged as seasons hot favorites –

  • The combination of Teal and Yellow has to kick start the list. This unconventional yet refreshing new combination is sure to draw attention. Yellow a very traditional color blends seamlessly with this contemporary shade teal inspiring an unconventional yet traditional glimpse, just like your millennial persona. The bright and sunny yellow emits hope and vitality while teal stands for infinity and openness.
  • Next in line is the combination of grey and coral pink- The thought of these two shades blending might seem confusing in the beginning but the palette they create is dreamy, surreal, and appeasing. The wisdom and stability of grey complement the softness and freshness of pink just right. This combination is also considered to be spiritually awakening.
  • Another combination that has grabbed eyeballs lately is olive green and yellow. Both these colors are symbolic of all elements natural and somehow drives us closer to Mother Nature. They keep the atmosphere and vibe cool, hopeful, breezy, and positive. Since the pandemic has made us realizehow less is more, this combination surely awakens the minimalistic consciousness within us.

Changing or experimenting with wall painting color combinations is hands down the most viable, economic, and attractive option to infuse a new life into an otherwise dull, old house. Also with changing times, new trends come in and deserve a chance. These house painting color combinations fall within the ambit of must-try painting trends this season and are ruling the roost all over.