Infertility is becoming more common at an alarming pace, particularly in men. Now, not everything can be attributed to genetics. Unhealthy behaviours like smoking and drinking are to blame, but few realize that food may also be held accountable in this situation. Yes, gents, you are erroneous if you believe that your food has no impact on your fertility. Your diet may ruin your sexual life, and using Cenforce 100 during sex could one day make your desire of having children come true.

Food is one of several things that might affect a male’s low sperm count, aberrant sperm form, and poor sperm mobility. Numerous meals may increase sperm production and motility when using¬†Kamagra jelly, in addition to normal exercise and abstaining from tobacco products.

What Foodstuffs Are Important for Male Life cycle?

At each and every phase of our life, we require certain nutrients in order to survive and flourish. Both the quantity and quality of sperm can be improved by altering the content of different nutrients.


Folate aids in the development and maintenance of red blood cells, particularly during spermatogenesis. Low sperm counts can result from improper sperm replication being hampered by low folate levels. It can be found in whole grains, fruit, and dark leafy vegetables as a natural form of vitamin B9.

B12 vitamin

The creation of one’s own deoxyribonucleic acid and the health of one’s blood are both aided by vitamin B12 (DNA). This has an impact on the amount and motility of the developing sperm. Egg yolks, poultry, low-fat cheese, and yogurt are among the foods source of vitamin B12.


Low levels of zinc can have a negative impact on hormone and sperm count to the point where infertility becomes a problem since zinc is a crucial element for immune system health and DNA synthesis.

Natural Foods to Raise Sperm Count

Some of the vital nutrients that might increase male fertility have already been addressed. Let’s now take a closer look to discover how to naturally boost sperm count with diet.


There seems to be a scientific basis for the aphrodisiac reputation of oysters. Compared to other foods, they have the greatest per-serving zinc content. The idea that they aid in sperm motility and semen production speaks for itself.


Beef is another meal that promotes sperm production. Beef contains zinc, chromium, taurine, and vitamin B12. It has been demonstrated that these nutrients can increase and encourage healthy sperm count.


The content of omega-3 fats, selenium, and vit D can be linked to the association between specific fish species, especially salmon, and sperm count. These help to improve the amount, quality, and generation of sperm.


Garlic is a common dietary additive that can help enhance sperm motility. According to studies, the garlic ingredient S-allyl cysteine can increase sperm count and testosterone levels.

Avoid these foods to increase the male Life Cycle

Fast food meats

Although you may adore meat, it’s crucial to think carefully about the type of meat you pick for yourself. While processed meat is acceptable, we would not advise eating organic meat. This is due to the fact that consuming processed meats might actually lower the quality of your sperm. Burgers, pork, hot dogs, salami, and bologna are examples of processed meat that can reduce sperm production by 23 percent compared to individuals who consume less of it. Because they contain hormonal residues that may affect the reproductive system, processed meats are bad for you.

dairy items with added fat

Milk and cheese, both full-fat dairy products, can impair sperm motility. Regularly consuming full-fat milk may be the cause of your low sperm count. In young males, just two servings of full-fat dairy might be harmful.

Unnatural foods

Avoid non-organic meals as much as you can. Hormones and pesticides in non-organic foods are present in large concentrations and can harm your sperm. This includes processed food, as well as fruits and vegetables including nectarines, apples, berries, plums, celery, cucumbers, bell peppers, and spinach. These foods are most impacted by hormones and pesticides.

a lot of coffee

Low sperm counts are linked to foods and beverages with high caffeine content. Reduce, if not eliminate, your consumption of soda, coffee, tea, carbonated beverages, and coffee.


Even while the soy is an essential component of a balanced diet, its phytoestrogens can harm sperm. Avoid soy-containing foods and beverages including tofu, tempeh, and items made with soy milk.

Too much alcohol

Alcohol is another common substance that is advised to be consumed in moderation. While the sperm count may not be impacted by the odd drink or glass of wine, an excessive quantity can. It has been demonstrated that drinking regularly reduces sperm quality and quantity.

How can one increase pregnancy chances?

It might sound apparent, but if you like to have children, you should have regular intercourse two to three times per week and use performance-enhancing pills like Vidalista 20.

If you desire closeness and a stronger erection during sexual activity, try Fildena 100. Having sex around the time your spouse ovulates and when an egg is discharged from the ovaries will boost your chances of getting pregnant.






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