Foshan Sourcing Agent: Skyrocket Your Profit.

As China’s best obtaining agent, Foshan Cigna Sourcing Company has been in this field for over 12 years with a great reputation, especially for obtaining building materials, for example, furniture, kitchen cabinets, floor tiles, bathroom fittings, windows, doors, lights thus on. No matter how large or little orders are, you don’t have to stress over payment, negotiation, quality check, consolidation, shipment, etc. We give our all to give ideal cases and agreeable administrations to help you to import effectively and liberated from inconveniences.

Whether you address a private venture or a huge distributor, Sourcing Wise can furnish you with a bunch of reasonable answers for make obtaining in china smoother and more practical.


What You Can Get From Us.

Quick Launch Selected Manufacturer in China.

We have areas of strength for a chain, which traverses numerous ventures. The chose providers have top notch items and administrations, which can significantly diminish your exchange dangers and save your time.

Free Sourcing Process.

The obtainment interaction is totally free, yet produces a sensible commission when you make a buy through us. Also, you can appreciate free quality assessment and impermanent stockpiling.

Turn Your Product Idea Into Physical Samples.

At the point when you have any item thought, however you can’t speak with the producer, give us your thought, and we will safeguard and transform them into an item that can be sold over and over.

Efficient Production Follow-up.

We can follow your orders on time, and lead quality examinations during the creation cycle to guarantee that your orders are protected in China.

E-commerce Seller Complete Solutions.

We offer a total scope of administrations for web based business dealers on Amazon, Shopify, Ebay, and so on.

These administrations incorporate customization, quality assessment, marking, bundling, and house to house conveyance

Fast 1-on-1 Service.

At the point when you present your request, you will get a committed client delegate. Because of time region contrasts, our client agent will answer you in the span of 8 hours of accepting your request.

Foshan obtaining organization was established by Kensen and has over 10 years of commodity experience. Its will likely release its creative mind in a functional arrangement.


As a Chinese homegrown group, the gathering has been offering items to numerous nations all over the planet for over decade and knows a wide range of merchants quite well, so it actually gives customers a lot less expensive arrangement than any of Alibaba’s providers.

Administrations they give:

Item Sourcing




Delivering Arrangement

After-deals Services

On the off chance that you are hoping to revamp your home, begin development of a task or are a worker for hire, you can look for help of any of these Foshan Building materials and outfitting obtaining organizations. They can direct you right from the choice of merchant, to item obtaining to transportation. You ought to do a touch of examination yourself and we trust that you will arrive at a positive resolution.

How to use?

Our functioning strategies:

1.Send us definite necessity of items you want.

2.We send you cost list in 48 hours or less.

3.Confirm contract. We conveyance tests for your checking.

4.Place order. We oversee creation and follow delivering plan.

5.Test.We send QC to check the products and make reports to you.

6.Shipment.We assist with organizing booking freight.

7.Payment.Pay us administration expense in the last installment of your orders.

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