After partnering with an influencer to help you marketing, it’s essential to measure the influence and impact of this marketing on your brand. This will help you to know if marketing is effective, grow your brand and also to buy TikTok likes and other media followers. To know if the influencer was successful or not, you should first reflect on your previous goal in marketing. If your goal was to increase brand awareness, site traffic, or social growth, it would be easy to determine the success rate. Below are four ways to measure the impact of influencer marketing.

  • Monitor Engagement 

Checking engagement is the best way to start monitoring influencer impact on your business, especially when it is the first time you are working with the influencer. When influencers post your business content, you should always look at the way followers interact with the post. Because some of these followers will like your product and become your future customer. 

Engagement is the primary measure of influencer marketing success. Engagement will tell you how many people are paying attention to your campaign. Audience engagement is an indication they have to receive the message, and it is likely easy to convert them into your customer if you give them proper care and nurturing. During engagement, you should be keen on questions that are asked by the audience because these questions can reveal sticking points about your product and how you can better communicate about your brand. 

  • Sales Measure

Sales should not be the priority when the influencer is marketing for you because most of the audience is unfamiliar with your product or your brand. It can take an average of 6 to 8 advertisements before an audience has been converted to a customer. So, sales should be a long-term goal, and you should work with influencers severally before expecting a rise in sales. It takes time for the audience to be familiar with your brand before buying or using your service. 

Immediate sale is no guarantee when it comes to influencer campaigns. Influencers should be working hard to create positive brand awareness among the audience, and this will lead the audience to think about the brand and purchase the product.

  • Check Site Traffic 

It’s easy to track marketing efforts on-site; the site can also lead to conversions. Site trafficking can help you to have the knowledge you need to know if your site can capture relevant information. Activities such as Email signups, abandoned carts, and another marketing effort on your site can help you know the influencer impact on your business. 

Also, implement tracked links and coupon codes on your site; this will help you find out where the traffic originated. Because sometimes, influencers refer their followers to your site by mentioning your social handle on whatever platform they post to. By the first or second campaign of influencers, you should be able to see some site traffic from their efforts, and their followers should be curious to see what your website has to offer.

  • Measure Social Growth, Email Signups or Entries

By using KPI (key performance indicator), you can monitor influencers’ performance when they are sharing a certain specific message. For instance, if the influencer is sending people to like your profile, visit your site, sign up for emails, then the campaign’s success can be measured using KPI. It’s possible to know how many audiences’ influencers refer to your site. If you experience rapid growth on your social media, the influencer successfully referred and led the audience to your page.

Influencers should not send only leads but also try to remarket your product to the audience. Influencers should campaign for your product so that they also demonstrate the value of signing up with your brand. These will enable your brand to continue the conversation through mail ads or social networking. To tally the number of followers and mail subscribers, you can check the difference of your followers before and after the influencer market for you, or you can use tracked links to measure the success of a certain specific campaign accurately.


There are a few ways to measure influencer marketing depending on your business goal. In most cases, it takes time to show positive results depending on the type of campaign. For the first-time campaign, you should set a realistic goal because most of the influencer audience is not familiar with the brand, so as an entrepreneur, brand awareness should be your primary goal for new influencers.