To keep up with education, news and society, computers have become essential in the home. But low-income families may not be able to afford a computer. Various organizations have developed creative ways for these families to enjoy the use of a computer for little or no fees.

Free or low-cost computers are available to people with little or no income. These offers are made by private companies and charitable organizations as a service to the public. Computer donors understand that computers offer the opportunity to improve the life of a person in need. To find free computers you need to do a little research and be eligible for the program.

computer recycling center

Free computers for low income families, Computer Recycling Centers make refurbished computers and laptops available to youth groups, low-income families, the elderly, teachers, and other community-based nonprofit organizations. Complete your application form and include the shipping cost.

accelerated schools

Accelerated Schools offer a computer loan program that makes computers available to families through two methods. After submitting a $100 deposit that will be returned when the computer is returned, families can choose between a computer for slideshows or one for word processing. Call (0800)SCHOOL3 or visit their website to learn more about the terms and conditions of this computer loan program.

free cycle

Freecycle is an online network of charitable individuals who present gifts and donations of many things, including computers, so that others can benefit from their gifts. Click the link in the Resources section to sign up.

Computers for children (Computers 4 Kids)

Computers for Kids (Computers 4 Kids) are individual charitable organizations that provide local assistance to low-income families on how to purchase a free or low-cost computer. Click the link in Resources to see the locations of this computer donation organization.

World Computer Exchange

World Computer Exchange is a portal for salvaging used computers, recycling them, and distributing them around the world. This company has benefited many communities and organizations that could not otherwise have afforded a computer or laptop. Visit their website for more information on how to donate or receive a free computer.

Free or low-cost computers are available to people with little or no income. These offers are made by private companies and charitable organizations as a service to the public. Computer donors understand that computers offer the opportunity to improve the life of a person in need. To find free computers you need to do a little research and be eligible for the program.

The “computers with causes” Program – Free

This organization gives away computers to people in need and who request. The computers are reconditioned by the organization after receiving it from the donors. To apply for the free computer you must fill out the required form , say something about yourself and explain why you need the computer (this is done in the blank below). 

The Foundation Program “the on it foundation” – Free

This organization offers free computers to low-income families, as well as training and internet access. This program requires that the applicant have a child in the school in grades K-12 and receive free or reduced-price lunch. This is the site of the program, the foundation .

In addition to providing your personal information such as your name, address and telephone number, the organization will ask you how much income you receive, if you participate in any social programs, the reason why you need the computer and how you will use it at home. Examples of reasons for using the computer include, to study and work online etc.

Low Cost Retail Computers – for students up to K12

If you don’t qualify for a free computer or if you have to wait a long time on a waiting list, you may be able to buy a cheap computer.

  1. Computer for kids – is a program that sells low-cost refurbished computers to people with little income. These are the necessary income levels and the number of people in the family. You must earn less than the amount listed.

1 $36,600

2 $41,800

3 $47,050

4 $52,250

5 $56,450

6 $ 60,600

  1. Computer Renaissance – These stores sell new and refurbished computers at low prices. For a store near you, search your state on .
  2. PC Refurbished – Refurbished computers for qualifying students. This link contains the requirements.
  3. Comcast $149 computer – The Comcast company offers a computer for $149 for qualified people (only to customers of the company). The main requirements are; have low income and have a child in school receiving free lunch.

Low-priced computers for college students

The Notebooks for Students organization  offers refurbished Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Toshiba computers at discounted prices. To qualify, the student must be enrolled in a university, primary or secondary institution. Computers have a 4-year warranty.

Best Buys and Apples are offering a $150 incentive and a $100 discount for the purchase of a student computer. 

These are some of the options for people who do not have a lot of money available to buy a new computer. Computer equipment and Internet access can be obtained through organizations that offer free computers and those that sell computers at low cost. It is important to take precautions before disclosing personal data to any organization or person. If a company or someone offers you something for free, do some research before revealing your data.

Free things for the house: There are several places where people donate things that they no longer need. It’s a good way to get what you need, without spending. In these sites you can get things like furniture, crib, table, refrigerator, among others.

Various organizations provide or loan refurbished computers to families in need. You can also search the community networks to find someone in your city who is getting rid of an old computer. You may have to pay for shipping costs or gas mileage to pick up the device, but that is much cheaper than buying a new computer.

Apply for a Computer Computer Recycling Center

Complete an application form to receive a free refurbished desktop or laptop from the Computer Recycling Center. The Computer Recycling Center collects donations of older models from schools, businesses, and private individuals and refurbishes them for distribution to low-income families and underfunded community groups. On the application form, you will be asked for your preference for the make and model. You are also asked to describe who will be using the computer and how they will benefit from the computer. If your application is approved, you are required to pay the shipping costs for the computer.

Find Community Network Websites

Look on Freecycle or Craigslist to see if anyone in your area is giving away a free computer. Both Freecycle and Craigslist have multiple groups throughout Ohio, so you need to decide how far you’re willing to travel to pick up the item. Freecycle is completely dedicated to free item listings. Craigslist has a special section for free items under “Community”. If you see an ad that meets your needs, respond immediately. You can also post a wanted ad on Craigslist for a computer.

Call local schools and colleges

Call local schools, including colleges and universities, for information on old equipment. Schools regularly upgrade their computer systems, and some schools put older but still working computers in the trash. A good time to call is early summer; equipment is often replaced while school is in session.