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To bring order to your video files, FileBot is one of the most popular applications. In fact, it works well with the audio files too. You can easily download any available cover art for your media files with the help of FileBot. It is the best application but you can also check out a similar application. To help you with this, we have jotted some of the best FileBot alternatives that you can pick for managing your files.

8 Best FileBot Alternatives to Consider in 2021

Best FileBot Replacements

If you have landed here, you might be knowing about the features of Filebot. Once you are done with it, you start scrolling about the Filebot Alternatives. Well, If yes, you are in the right place. Scroll and find the most suitable application now!

1. MediaElch

Looking for a media file organizer, MediaElch is one of the free FileBot alternatives. The open-source software helps in managing all of the files. This app can easily rename the new files. There are so many scrapers available including the movie Db, The TV DB, IMDB, and many more. Once you get in on your device, you will love working.

2. Rename Master

Another free FileBot alternative, Rename master is an application where you can easily rename a bunch of files with just a single click. Well, the sad part is you can only use it on Windows computers. You might not find it fancy but trust me, it does a good job.

3. TV Rename

For this app, you need to use Windows 7 or higher. TV Renamer is an application that organizes TV show files. To get better results you can also download Kodi. If you miss any episodes, This app will tell you when the TV shows will be coming next.

4. Ember Media Manager

If you are a Windows user, Ember Media Manager is the best FileBot Alternative. This app will browse through the computer locations and will create a database of its own. After this, you can easily change the file names and any other information.

5. Shoko Anime

Are you looking for a FileBot Alternative for anime? If yes, Shoko Anime is the best tool that is designed for this. It hashes the file and compares it to what it can find in the database. This will populate your library with information about series, characters, and related series. You can easily find out your misplaced file that is clogging your media library.

Final Verdict

Well, all Filebot Alternatives are personally tested and selected based on the reviews and recommendations. However, there are a lot of options available after the Filebot started to charge. If you are the one who wants to organize the collection, you must have any of these alternatives. If we have missed any, you can suggest it to us in the comment box!