Fresh oysters are a dietary staple for those living near the Chesapeake Bay, but many people living beyond the spawn area of some of the world’s best oysters don’t think they can safely access this delicious oyster shellfish year round.

 If you’ve ever rushed to the local buffet in order to reach the tray filled with precious fresh oysters and clams only to realize other diners got there first — or worse, you did get there first, but went home with a tummy ache due to improperly stored oyster meat — then this is for you.

 The bad news is that you probably shouldn’t rely on the local buffet to get your live oyster fix, but the good news is that you don’t need to be a New England native to enjoy succulent shucked oysters in the comfort of your own home.

 The internet has made it possible to order almost anything online, and fresh oysters are no exception. That’s right — you can have fresh Pacific oysters delivered right to your door. Time to get your shucking knife ready! 

How does buying fresh oysters online work?

Believe it or not, buying fresh oysters online is just like any other type of online shopping! 

First, it’s important to do a bit of research, especially if you aren’t an oyster expert. Here are few questions to ask yourself to get started:

  – Are you looking for a specific type of oyster, such as Duxbury, Hama Hama, Kumamoto, or Point oysters?

  – Do you want your oysters to arrive already shucked (half shell) or would you rather do it yourself with an oyster knife?

  – What kind of flavor profiles do you enjoy? (Tip: look for oysters that fit this description. For example, if you like briny flavors, try types that spawn in waters with higher salinity, like the East Coast, cold water Wellfleet type.)

  – Does the oyster farm or vendor have good reviews?

  – During checkout, does the vendor offer overnight shipping? 

When you have answered all of these questions and have selected your chosen oysters from a reputable vendor, you’re ready to check out! 

Before you know it, you’ll have fresh oysters at your doorstep, ready to eat — all you need is the Mignonette!

Is buying fresh oysters online safe?

You may be worried that it may be unsafe to have fresh seafood delivered. However, it is completely safe to buy oysters online with one important stipulation: you need to purchase them from the right vendor — not all oyster farms are created alike. Vendors should clearly explain their safety protocols in their FAQ. 

Though fresh oysters are delicious, they can also be dangerous if not stored and prepared properly, which is why here at Taylor Shellfish Farms, we put safety first. 

From oysters to clams, to mussels, all of the bivalves we offer go through a careful temperature monitoring process before being shipped. Every order Taylor Shellfish Farms fulfills is shipped the next day and overnight with heavy-duty refrigeration packs to ensure that your oysters arrive at safe, ready-to-eat temperatures. Plus, we pack our boxes with care — no broken oyster shells and spoiled shellfish.

 Whether you live in Maine or the Midwest, Taylor Shellfish Farms can deliver safe and delectable fresh oysters from the Pacific Northwest right to your door.