Minecraft is the best game one could play when everybody is supposed to sit in one place. If you cannot explore the world physically, then why not do it virtually? It is a game that has a 3D world with different terrains to be explored. Not just this, you need to search for tools and create structures yourself. There is an option to fight some mobs in the game. There are so many modes in the game, which makes it challenging and interesting at the same time. The game has managed to make an important place in people’s hearts in very little time.

There are several popular minecraft servers that you can have access to. The article shall try to provide you with some of this as well.

The Jaw-dropping Fun Facts-

  • The project name while developing Minecraft was the cave game. The game was later renamed mine craft.
  • The game was not completely developed until two years of release. The developer kept on making changes and modifications, even when the game was in the public domain.
  • The game is the product of Markus Persson, who is a Swedish designer and programmer. He is indeed brilliant as the first version of the game was developed in 6 days.
  • Tired of the corporate politics, Persson presented the game for bidding after making a tweet.
  • The game is so tempting that the developers had to spend hardly anything on the marketing. People got to know about it through referrals, and others came to know about the game through Youtube videos.
  • The popularity of the game can be realized because it is included in the school curriculum in Sweden.
  • The language used in the game is English but in reversed for and lower pitch. You were always trying to make out what is Enderman talking about? The mind-boggling thing has come to an end. Now, you can try knowing what the person is talking about.
  • The developer did not be a part of the handsome acquisition because he did not probably wish to come to the public eye and have tremendous fame.
  • The ghast’s noise in the game is the voice of Minecraft’s sound designer’s cat. That’s quite interesting. Henceforth, when you hear squeaky noises, you will know who it is.
  • The creator has a special place in the game that makes him immortal. You will know if you have played the game.
  • The game is so stimulating that you can create a computer within the game using a computer. Your brain has started forming schemas at an extreme speed with the kind of information you are exposed to.
  • The game scope is wider than the globe itself. The area that can be explored is about 60,000 km. That is the size of the planet Neptune.
  • You will be amazed to know that around 126 million play the game every month and, more than 200 million copies of the game have been sold.
  • The cows in the game are in the mushroom field and produce mushroom soup in the place of milk. That’s weird, but the game is superb.