Sell FIFA coins to make real money easily, U7buyut offers you best price! Since FUT 23 will be the last installment of FUT as we know it, things will get more interesting going forward. Since there is only one vacancy at the top of the market, we looked at five ways FUT can become the top dog.

Since FUT 23 will only be released in the future, we don’t know much about what will be featured in the game. However, FUT is known to view the new franchise as a “symbol of change”, which likely hints at leveling the playing field.

While this doesn’t mean too much in terms of new features, we hope FUT can make a positive impact on the community. As the quote “symbol of change” rings in our ears, we can almost guarantee that women’s football will have a strong presence in FUT.

The appearance of leagues like the WSL, will only improve the prospects for EAFC. Women’s football has been present in FUT for several years, but only in the form of international teams available for use in kickoff mode.

The introduction of women’s football to both UT and Career Mode will give FUT an edge by attracting a whole new demographic. As the popularity of women’s football has grown over the past few years, it’s time to bring it to our consoles.

Pace has been an issue in FUT for several years now, and it’s something that desperately needs to be addressed in future parts of the game. Even though FUT has found a way that keeps people interested.

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