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Games such as Life Is Strange are not difficult to find. Choice-and-consequence adventures can take time to develop because of their multiple-choice and multiple-ending gameplays.

In the meantime, while waiting for the next installment from the Life Is Strange series, gamers can still play this kind of game. There are at most 20 games similar to Life Is Strange, all distinct in their own way. Explore multiverses, solve puzzles and become the Big Bad Wolf yourself.

Life Is Strange is an episodic adventure game that focuses on the effects of time and emotion. In 2021, it includes five installments as well as a Remastered collection.

In the course of the game players follow the lives of characters. The game’s first title revealed the life that of the photographer Maxine “Max” Caulfield, grieving the loss her closest friend, Chloe.

As opposed to others who suffer from grief, Max has the ability to alter the course of their lives. She is able to change the course of her life.

After setting their timelines, Max and Chloe turn their attention to a different mystery The disappearance of Rachel Amber. The way this story will end depends on the choices of the player. This multi-event setup is what transformed this series from being a mere game to an extremely acclaimed and acclaimed experience in the beginning.

The most recent title in the series is scheduled to be published on September 11 2021. The Life Is Strange series has common themes and plot elements. This includes facing regret, accepting destiny and facing the truth. But, this doesn’t mean that the game is becoming stagnant, in fact, it is the opposite. Life Is Strange: True Colors was among the most significant E3 announcements.

In this brand new game the players will play the character in the role of Alex Chen. As Max, Alex is still struggling with the pain of losing the love of his life. Alex has a brand new set of capabilities that deal with emotions. You can control people’s strongest emotions and discover the bottom of things.


There are two developers who are responsible in this Life Is Strange saga: Deck Nine and Dontnod Entertainment.

In the beginning, Deck Nine is a company for game development that was influenced by the boom in multimedia storytelling during the 1980s. It took at least a decade before their studio was able to come into existence. They began production in 1997 under the company that was independent, Idol Minds. In the early days they were in charge of playing the PlayStation 1, which was the best-performing console of the time. As technology advanced and so did they. Their game-playing genre-bending titles are proof particularly with their debut Life Is Strange title.

Dontnod Entertainment, on the other on the other hand, is a game development studio based in France. In contrast to Deck Nine, they have only had a brief history to date. Since their inception at the end of 2008, the first title that was successful was Life Is Strange, released in the year 2015.

Each of Deck Nine and Dontnod Entertainment had a desire to create games that provoke emotions. It was a success to both of the studios. The identity of Life Is Strange is rooted its roots in empathy-based storytelling. It’s brave to show the hurts and frustrations that people experience in their life.

The series carved out a Life-Is-Strange-shaped hole in the gaming industry. This is why a lot of gamers are searching for games similar to Life Is Strange. A few of these games are made by these studios, too including Vampyr, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit and more.

What Remains of Edith Finch

Grief and love appear to be the main ingredients in an enjoyable graphics adventure. What is left from Edith Finch is nothing short of these themes and is a part of Last Day of June as one of the top games similar to Life Is Strange.

It was developed by Giant Sparrow Giant Sparrow, this video game contains a series stories that examine the lives and death of an unlucky family. Each member of the family has a story to share and you’ll be joining them along for the journey.

You’ll play as Edith Finch, whose motivation in retracing her past stems from her current frustrations. As the only living person from her extended family Edith thinks there’s greater than what she can comprehend. So, she visits their house in Washington to find answers.

This game isn’t able to provide an extended gameplay experience, lasting about three hours. It does, however, not fail to deliver a satisfying story. The Finch family is a fascinating family whose history is enduring. Edith finds this out and so do you.

Gone Home

Storytelling is also available with Gone Home, a first-person exploration game that is available on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and more.

Gone Home will come to life as you play which makes it one of the most enjoyable games similar to Life Is Strange on the market currently. You play as a young lady known as Katie who has lived her life in the foreign land for a time.

The title implies that she is invited home by her family members for a visit. But, things turn sour when she discovers that nobody is at home. She is then required to find clues to figure out what happened during her absence.

In order to keep the tension high and intense, Gone Home only takes place in Katie’s home. The gameplay is based on moving around, finding clues and pondering the situation. Games such as Life Is Strange do not always require special abilities, but often, it is a story with smaller details and puzzles.

Gone Home is certainly one of those games that is small-town-like. It does however draw players in with an engaging narrative of family and the process of self-discovery.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

It was released in 2014. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is another of the games that are similar to Life Is Strange. But, unlike the previous games this one is a bit of an horror tale.

Paul Prospero receives a letter from Ethan Carter. Although Paul has the skills of a police detective it doesn’t take much of his experience to recognize the fact that Ethan could be in peril. In light of this, Paul goes to Red Creek Valley, Ethan’s home town. There, Paul realizes that a number of things are at stake, which includes him, Ethan, and the whole town. As Paul is a chance to gain the benefit of his investigator abilities and supernatural abilities. By using both, you’ll be required to unravel Ethan’s tale, which then turns into an entire puzzle on its own.

Find out the secrets behind this first-person puzzle-horror game developed by The Astronauts.


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