Get Disability Insurance Claims Settled Using Help from A Broker

If you read disability news stories in the aftermath of the pandemic, you will understand why disability insurance is necessary. The pandemic has affected millions, particularly healthcare professionals. It has made it challenging for them to continue working because of Covid-induced debilitating conditions. This is why you need to get income protection to support you and your loved ones when you are unable to work. Finding disability insurance solutions becomes easier with a broker agent advisor. 

What is disability insurance?

Disability insurance offers supplementary income when you cannot work because of some accidental injury or illness. Such illness can trigger any kind of disability that prevents you from doing regular work at the office. If you buy coverage to address your disability concerns, you can expect to get benefits. These are typically paid every month to help you live your life the way you used to before the disability.

How can a broker advisor help you with disability coverage?

  • Brokers can listen to you and direct your concerns and demands to the insurer. This is how they help you in initiating the claims process. They will however not be directly involved in settling claims.
  • A good disability insurance broker agent will never make false claims. Neither can he influence the insurance provider on decisions about whether a certain claim is to be paid or not. All claim decisions are made with clients directly and brokers are never involved. So, any broker claiming that he participates in decisions about claims is misleading you.
  • However, a broker agent does have some important responsibilities when it comes to the settlement of claims. For instance, they will listen to you if you have approached them about your condition. If you have been injured or are sick-making it impossible for you to work, they can direct your grievances to the insurer.
  • The broker will extend claim forms and contact details of the insurer so that you know who you will be dealing with.
  • Most importantly, a broker is equipped with the expertise to explain to you what is going to be included in the disability coverage. He describes what disability means and the amount of benefits you will be entitled to.
  • Brokers can act as middlemen between the client and the insurer if the company is unable to reach out to a claims person.

In the wake of the Covid outbreak, the role of disability insurance brokers has become more important than ever. A disability broker will prepare you for the unexpected and ensure that your policy guarantees that you earn an income. He can get much better policy rates for you than if you were to buy it from the company directly. This is possible as a broker has the experience and skills to guide you to choose the right level of coverage. If you can use the services of a broker advisor, you will never remain under-insured or make unnecessary claims.


By Alex D