leihmutterschaft in deutschland


Surrogacy is defined as the act of carrying a child for someone. Surrogacy is a process where a surrogate mother carries a child for the intended parent to be. Mostly, this entire process is backed by a legal agreement. People opt for surrogacy when they want to grow their families. The intended parents go for surrogacy because either they have some medical issues that prevent them from having a child or some other reasons they might be facing. 

Surrogate motherhood in Germany

As per the Adoption Placement Act, surrogacy is considered illegal in Germany. The act says that those who will group together for a surrogacy process either for adopting a child or conceiving it through surrogacy will be punished and fined. Interestingly, as per the civil law of Germany, a surrogate mother is considered as  the real or legal mother of the child. The generic or biological mother has no right over the child. The reason why the country has denied leihmutterschaft in deutschland due to the concerns for the health of women during hormonal procedures. There are many risks associated with this process.

Cost of surrogacy in Germany

Since surrogacy is illegal in Germany, hence there is no cost associated with the process. To safeguard the health of women, this step is taken so that the women face no issues by compromising their health for the sake of money. Moreover, if a woman becomes a surrogate and bears a child for someone then she will ultimately be considered as the legal mother of the child no matter what. So people from European countries do not opt for Germany to get the surrogacy process done, but they go for the USA or other countries where the procedure is legal and proper documentation is done.

Surrogacy in the USA

Surrogacy in the USA is a smooth process and it is considered legal in many parts of the state. However, the legality varies from one state to another. Surrogacy in the USA is considered to be safe because a surrogate mother is taken care of completely. The entire process of surrogacy is done under the supervision of a highly professional team who makes sure that there is no harm to the surrogate mother and child and also the documentation is done as per the agreement. Besides that, as per the laws of the USA, the child is considered to.be the legal property of the intended parents and not the surrogate.

Cost of surrogacy in the USA

Leihmutterschaft USA is usually done for the sake of money in the form of business. People from different countries opt for the USA to get the procedure done smoothly. Furthermore, the rate of surrogacy is higher due to different processes that take place. Proper medication is given to the surrogate mother to prevent any complexity and so the baby is born healthy. The agency takes care of the diet of a surrogate mother so that she is enriched with all the nutrients that are required. The cost in each state of the USA is different due to certain factors attached to it. The cost of surrogacy in the US is estimated at $95,000 to $150,000.

In this article, we learned about what surrogacy is in reality. Surrogacy is a process in which a surrogate mother bears the child for someone. The surrogate mother has no connection with the baby as per the laws of many states. But the surrogate mother is considered the actual mother as per the laws of the federal government of Germany. Besides that, we have also discussed the cost associated with surrogacy. The cost of surrogacy is higher in the USA.

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