If there is any ethnic outfit that proves that simplicity can also be rather charming, it has got to be a salwar kameez. Comprising a long or short tunic top, loose-fitting trousers, and a long scarf or dupatta, this costume is an evergreen staple in every Indian woman’s wardrobe. The appeal of salwar suits lies in their versatility, as they not only come in a variety of designs that can be worn to different occasions, but they can also be styled in dozens of ways! 

A common misconception regarding the salwar kameez is that it is as basic as it gets, and there is no way to experiment with it. But that is not accurate, because with some simple styling tips you can easily transform this humble ensemble into something super-stylish! Read on to learn some tips that you can use to give your salwar suit a unique twist:

  • Choose dupattas with heavy work

The easiest way to elevate your ethnic get-up in a salwar suit is by pairing it with a fancy dupatta adorned with eye-catching embellishments. You can opt for a heavily embroidered dupatta, or go for one embossed with bold prints, or one decorated with intricate work in mirror, stone, thread, zari, zardosi, etc. To let these mesmerizing dupattas be the focus of your attire, it is best to select a plain salwar suit design to go along with them. 

  • Play with different color-combinations

The right color combinations can add instant glam to even the most ordinary ethnic ensemble! While most ladies choose to opt for a monochrome salwar suit to play it safe, playing mix and match with vibrant hues can infuse life into your attire and set you apart from the crowd. The delightful shades featuring on your salwar kameez will be enough to make a statement on their own, you do not need any additional adornments on them to stand out.

  • Experiment with dupatta drapes

Another simple way of diversifying a salwar suit is by experimenting with different dupatta draping techniques! While there are basic drapes like placing the dupatta around the neck or the two-shoulder drape, there are many other styles that you can try to look as unique as possible. You can wear it like a cape, or pin it over one shoulder, or even wrap it from around the back and let it fall over your elbows like yesteryear Bollywood actresses!

  • Wear statement jewelry

A quick and sure-shot way of elevating your traditional look is by wearing fabulous statement jewelry pieces. Even if your salwar kameez design is not fancy, you can look chic in it by adorning brilliant statement jewelry like kundan earrings, a diamond necklace, cocktail rings, trendy anklets, dainty bracelets, and more. These enchanting pieces add that much-needed bling to your attire and make you look like a million bucks!

By trying out these handy tips, you can change the whole vibe of not just your beloved salwar kameez but also other outfits such as a cotton kurti set, saree, etc. Be spoilt for choice with all the options offered online and rock your ethnic look with grace and panache!