Glasses Every Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe

Women and fashion are inseparable. And when we talk about fashion, how could we not mention ‘glasses?’

A great pair of glasses can make your entire look come together and there is no style you can’t achieve with your glasses. It can make you look smart, sexy or sophisticated.

With the use of advanced lens materials and manufacturing processes, you don’t have to carry heavy lenses around all day. Also, the availability of prescription glasses online in cool shapes and frame styles now is the best time to use them to make a powerful fashion statement. 

If you are fashion-forward and like to add a style element to your every look, investing in trendy glasses is what you need. Whether you want a statement frame to complement your office outfits or something light when you are strolling through the park, you won’t get disappointed.

To make your work a little easier, here are some frame styles you need in your wardrobe in 2021. And to tell you a secret, you don’t need a prescription to wear these glasses.

Cat-eye glasses

If you like to stand out with your style and elegance, cat-eye glasses are for you. These frames will give a feminine feel to your wardrobe and are a must-have fashion essential for every woman out there. You can either get them as fake glasses or prescription eyeglasses and you are good to go.

If you want to wear these to your office, pick plain frames in black or red colour. While the black will go with all your office apparels, the red colour will give you a chic look. Pair up your cat-eye frames with a power suit, high heels and a straight hair-do and you are ready to head your office.

Round glasses

If you don’t want to hold back on fashion even in your regular getup, round frames are the best option for you. Unlike rectangular glasses, round frames are trendy, modern and perfect to team up with casual outfits. Whether you are a part of a big corporation or a college-going teen, this frame style won’t get in the way of your style choices. Round glasses in rimless or wooden frames make for a perfect work wardrobe. 

You don’t have to spend much on these frames. You can get cheap glasses if you buy from online stores. Plus, you will also get to enjoy the varieties in different frame styles.

Hipster glasses

Hipster frames are a perfect amalgamation of funky patterns, retro style and vibrant colours. They are apt to showcase your artistic personality and creative side. 

In any fun environment, these glasses will be your best buddy. If you want them to work with your office apparel, hipster glasses in matte black will get you an elegant and intellectual appeal. Hipster glasses in tortoiseshell frames will work equally well in every occasion. 

Clear glasses

If you are aiming for a rather subtle and lowkey fashion statement, clear frames will help. These are also considered as barely-there glasses and thus flatter every face shape and complexion. As they won’t overwhelm your facial features, you will have the freedom to experiment with unique shapes such as oversized or geometric. 

When you are sporting clear glasses, go for light outfits and neutral makeup. Anything too bold will take attention away from your frames instead of helping them to stand out.

If you think that this style is not for you, it’s only because you haven’t tried all the different varieties in clear frames. The internet is the best place for this matter. In case you like to try the glasses before you buy them, you can also get a  free home trial on glasses.

Blue light glasses

For the perfect mix of fashion and function, what could be better than blue light glasses? They will protect your eyes from the high-energy blue light emitted from the digital screens. 

If you work on a laptop or computer at the office or you are a young teen who scrolls social media all day, you need blue light protection. You can find blue light glasses in the UK either online or physical shops near you. 

The takeaway

So these are some of the glasses styles that you need in your wardrobe in 2021. With cool and stylish frame styles available today, it is not difficult to turn your prescription glasses into a statement accessory. 

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