Gorgeous and dazzling glitter can be found everywhere in life, in eye shadow, nail polish, and decorations. 

These galglitter glitters are generally made of mixed plastics, colorants, and reflective materials and are non-biodegradable plastic products that can enter the soil and the ocean and pollute the system if not recycled properly. 

The world’s top academic journal “Nature Materials” published a paper showing that researchers at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom invented a new glitter agent, which is expected to solve this beautiful trouble. 

What is the magic of the new galglitter glitter agent? 

A century of color that won’t fade 

The new glitter agent is made of cellulose monocrystals, a nanomaterial extracted from cellulose, a major component of the cell walls of plants, fruits, and vegetables, and has the advantages of being non-toxic, and sustainable, biodegradable, and glitter as effective as ordinary glitter agents.

From the journal Nature 

Its luminescence principle is to change the light by structural color, thus refracting brilliant colors. Similar phenomena are found in Nature, such as the glow of butterfly wings and peacock feathers, which are the work of structural colors that will not fade even after a century. 

From the Pexels website 

In fact, the scientific community has been studying cellulose nanocrystals for nearly three decades, but has not yet found a way to scale up their production. The emergence of newglitter agents has opened up more possibilities for the widespread use of cellulose nanocrystals. 

Using cellulose nanocrystals as raw material, researchers have taken full control of theself-assembly process by optimizing the cellulose solution and coating parameters, thus enablingthe large-scale fabrication of brightly colored cellulose nanocrystal films in rolls. 

From the journal Nature 

Because their process is compatible with existing industrial-scale machines, commercially available cellulose materials can be quickly converted into suspensions containing this glitter agent in just a few steps. 

Application prospects for the new glitter agent 

Based on the current scientific research on the new glitter agent, it is generally believed that it has two application directions. 

01 Product packaging 

The products made by previous glitter agents are toxic and non-biodegradable, which is harmful to the environment, but the colorful cellulose nanocrystal film made by the new glitter agent is biodegradable, plastic-free, and non-toxic, which can be used in product packaging design and has important practical significance for environmental protection. 

02 Color cosmetics 

The processing of traditional pigment minerals usually requires heating up to 800 °C, a process that is extremely energy-intensive. 

The new glitter agent circumvents the shortcomings. It is made of plant cellulose, has less energy consumption in production, has low production costs, is more environmentally friendly, and can replace the cosmetics widely used in the tiny mineral pigments and plastic particles. 

It can replace the tiny mineral pigments and plastic glitter particles widely used in cosmetics. And the eye shadow, highlighter, blush, and other makeup made of it will have better color development, longer holding time, and easier removal and cleaning.


The scientific community has proposed two application scenarios for the new glitter agent, and based on its properties, glitter particles made from it can also be found to have potential as scrub particles. It enables the scrub to have cleansing power, and at the same time, aesthetics are further enhanced.  more

We hope the new glitter agent will be officially put into use in the near future, and we will explore more possibilities for environmental protection to make this planet bluer.

By forhad