trip in the forest

No one is immune to an accident or a problem during a trip in the forest. Everyone must learn to use the resources around them to survive in the forest.

Surviving in the forest is an art that can be learned. It is the art of cooperating with its environment. Some practices seem obvious, others less. You will be amazed at how much we can do in a forest, only thanks to what we find there! Often considered hostile, the forest is in fact filled with sufficient riches to meet our needs, sufficient to survive.

How to find your way in the forest?

Forgot your compass on the dining table? Don’t panic, heaven is your best friend!

The sun

It rises in the East, points to the South when it is at the zenith and sets in the West. It is therefore easy to deduce that you are going east if you walk in the direction of the sun in the morning, and west in the afternoon.

The moon

If you notice the crescent moon before the sun sets, its bright side will face west. If, on the contrary, the moon appears after midnight, its luminous side will face east.

In the event of a full moon, it is in the South at midnight and in the North at midnight!

The polar star

For this technique, it is necessary to know how to dissociate the Big Dipper from the Little Dipper. If you have a hard time, try visualizing two pans, one smaller than the other, and you will find them! The famous polar star is at the end of the handle of the Little Dipper, therefore of the small saucepan. 

When will the sun go down?

It is very important not to embark on a great expedition in the forest when the night awaits us. But without a watch, it’s hard to know when night will fall. Luckily your hands can tell you! It’s very simple: place your hands horizontally between the sun and the horizon line, without your thumbs. One palm equals 1 hour, and a finger equals 15 minutes. Surviving in the forest is above all knowing how to manage your time!

How to shelter for the night?

The easiest and most effective way is to dig a hole to protect yourself from humidity. Even better? Dig a hole under a tree so that you can benefit from its protective branches.

You can in particular build a shelter with branches, and leaves. For example, the lucky one who finds two trees close enough to be able to create a sloping shelter between the two will be lucky.

Tip: Avoid caves, especially if you are building a fire! Carbon monoxide can get stuck there. In addition, caves are very often already the shelter of a smart animal.

How to make a fire in the forest?

To cook a makeshift meal or simply to warm up, fire is essential to survive in the forest. Nevertheless, caution! Make sure the ground is clear.

To start a fire, you need dry wood. You will find this type of dry wood in the undergrowth. You can especially use tree bark which is a very good fuel!

If you don’t have a lighter or a match, you can still light your fire! And having a good fire… it is one of the important steps to survive in the forest! Rub two sticks? Yes, you can. You can also use another lesser-known technique: strike a very hard stone against the blade of a knife and sparks will fly. Do it close to fuels (dry wood, bark, dry grass, etc.). Once the fire is suitable, do not hesitate to add larger logs and larger branches.

How to drink water in the forest?

Drinking to survive in the forest is mandatory. While humans can survive for a long time without eating, it is not the same when it comes to hydrating.

  • As a priority, try to find a stream. The water in the streams is very little sediment by the current.
  • If you do not have a stream nearby, you can collect rainwater. You can help yourself with a tarp or a piece of clothing. If you can, it is best to boil it before drinking it.
  • The dew is in particular an abundant source of water. It is deposited in the form of droplets on plants. However, do not confuse sap and dew!

How to eat in the forest?

Obviously, surviving in the forest requires food. If you are malnourished your chances of survival will decrease exponentially. People often start hallucinating due to lack of food and water and can’t find their way back. It is even said that they start seeing stairs in the woods, it is just the body playing tricks but has become so prevalent that it has almost become an urban legend. Know more about random stairs in the woods.  

Edible fruits:

If you don’t have the time, energy, or skills to set traps, fish or hunt, the forest is full of edible fruits! Here is an effective, but not foolproof, method of knowing which plant will feed you without making you sick. This technique involves putting the sap or the flesh in contact with the skin to check that there is no reaction. If there is no reaction, put it on your lips. Then chew it without swallowing. After a few minutes of chewing, you can swallow it. Be very attentive to the possible reactions between each step: if you notice any, stop immediately.

Animals and insects:

If you are building a fire, it is nice to eat hot and something “filling”.

Insects are very nutritious. However, beware! It is absolutely necessary to cook them in order to eliminate all traces of bacteria, microbes and parasites. Once cooked, take the time to remove the head, legs and wings.

If you know how to fish, fish are one of the best foods to survive in the forest. Many small fish live in rivers and can serve as dinner!