Universities and educational organizations are the foundation of robust future for students from all across the globe. Besides being educational institutions, initially, university or big size colleges act upon as private enterprises, which are accountable on the basis of honesty and profit. Any university management system come across numerous challenges and issues in the administration and regulation of the institution. The foremost reason behind this is the complication of functioning and the existence of a massive number of modules. With time, the manual continuation of the whole system became tricky, which obviously acknowledged must for well planned software management application. Software applications such as University Examination Management System and University Data Digitization System are turning out to be a boon for the university administration.

Various software organizations are offering with ERP solutions that are intended to combine all parts of an educational organization into one huge and controllable platform. An application that is considered to run on a customizable software application yields many advantages for the administration and supervisors alike. Relying on the character of the software, the savings of the organization can increase to 60% of the entire cost of daily management. The majority of the ERP solutions are tremendously smart with compliance feature for nearly every educational organization type.

On the whole, an ERP based software application that offers a combination of numerous regular running modules such as admission, recruitment, attendance, fee, examination, various departments, library, accounts, payroll, and stock. The whole system is controlled on an online server, where the administration can keep a close eye on the entire function of every subdivision. In addition, since the whole system and transactions are documented on a well organized platform, the procedure of collecting individual and combined conclusions becomes much simpler. Such software systems have a section that automatically generates conclusions in the form of tables and charts when required.

With ERP software, every big size educational institute and university can endeavor to be crystal clear to diverse parties that are indisputably concerned in running the organization. The list contains names such as audit authorities, BODs, investors, university unions, student unions and many others. The data, which will be engendered on verified and well planned software, will be more precise than data which are generated manually. This will also aid the administration stay aware with their updates and keep a system that is significant for the assessment and review.

When it comes to internalĀ  and external security of a large scale educational institution, there are advance Security Surveillance System and bio-metric solutions are available that ensure the complete protection to the university from all sorts of hazardsĀ  and threats.