Home Maintenance Checklist

Owning a home has its perks. There’s always an unremitting thought in your head about adding a little extra detail to your home. Renovations don’t come across every year due to tight budgets and strict working schedules, making them more exciting.

But during renovations, you must keep in mind little details such as any repair costs of cracked or uneven surfaces. A paint and newly furnished contrast are incomplete without maintenance checks and crevice fixtures. Hence, contact services like Resinject to mend the broken parts of your home before you head-on with the renovations.

In addition, maintenance checks must be according to seasonal changes around your Inhabitat. Here’s how you can put things in perspective.

Weekly Maintenance Checks

Certain things can be maintained without compromising your annual budget. They are less time-consuming and more hygienic. Here are some weekly maintenance checks essential for your home that give it a nice twist.

  • Vacuum the floors regularly. You can easily check the electrical and gas outlets while cleaning the floors where many circuit ends are present.
  • Mow the lawn every other week to get a good sense of all exterior plumbing and boiler requirements. Weekly inspection can help you observe which parts of your home require urgent repair and maintenance.
  • Clean the windows every week to notice any cracks or alternations. It can be counted as a security measure or surveillance check on your part.
  • Wipe stoves and clean out the exhausts or air vents weekly. It helps you idealize the problem and disruption in mechanics.
  • Check all kitchen appliances and clean the areas beneath or behind the device. You’ll get a better sense of repair and further renovations by doing that.


Summer brings out a new day after the cozy cold weather. When the sun shines brightly again, you can observe the belated repairs on your exterior. Thus, here’s a maintenance checklist for summer.

  • Start by painting the exterior. Use durable quality paint and colors that don’t reflect too much sunlight.
  • Clean out the clogged drains and window sills.
  • Check water pipes for any damage due to snowstorms.
  • Ensure the basement, and electrical sources don’t flood due to melting snow.


In spring, you must,

  • Clean out the gutters from all the heavy rain residue.
  • Mow the lawn for a fresh start and maintain your garden.
  • Clean out all the leaf debris from the lawn and sills of your home.
  • Check your roof for any cracks post-snow storms or hail.


Autumn calls for the following maintenance checks,

  • Clean all the collected water from drain pipes on your roof.
  • Clear out the siding of your house.
  • Drain the water puddles in your lawn or backyard.
  • Insulate all internal and external pipelines to prevent any bursting due to the cold.
  • Add weather stripping to doors.


The Winter season requires a few preparations, which include,

  • Check all electrical outlets as a precaution.
  • Install floor heating systems for a clear driveway during the snow.
  • Check the flooring for any chances of slipping during the snow.
  • Make energy preserving pursuits to cover the electrical drop during the winter season.

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