Homes for Sale Sharpsburg GA

Everyone has priorities when purchasing a home. Unfortunately, the home buying process can be complex and takes time, so it is easy to get off track when making such a significant financial decision.

Having a written list of priorities can help guide you through the process without forgetting amenities and features important to your household. Your real estate agent will also want to understand your list to eliminate properties that will not work for you—reducing the time you spend looking for a home.

Let us examine the top amenities you should consider when looking at the homes for sale Sharpsburg GA offers.

Features to Look for in Homes in Sharpsburg, GA

Generating rental income for investors is all about bringing in the right tenants. One way to do this is by offering a comfortable, well-situated property with high-quality amenities.

After all, the modern renter wants a convenient, comfortable, and stylish place to crash with everything they need.

Sharpsburg, Georgia offers a unique set of amenities residents love. Many of these non-negotiable amenities can help attract the right tenants for the investor or provide a comfortable lifestyle for the homebuyer.

Some amenities are critical, and others nice-to-have. Here is a list of features and amenities your next home or real estate investment should have.

A Convenient Location

You need a location that provides easy access to places you frequent the most. These include places of worship, recreational centers, shopping areas, school, work, friends, and family. Also, consider easy access to main roads.

Checking out the location before buying land for sale in Sharpsburg GA will save you from the hassles of an unreasonably long commute. The location of the home within the town is also vital. Some people prefer living close to the main entry, while others are comfortable living further away from traffic and interested in developing their lots.

Some buyers prefer proximity to a recreation area, pool, or pack. Discuss your preferences with a realtor, and they may have the perfect location for you.


You never judge a book’s content by the cover, but you are quick to judge a neighborhood by its appearance. However, looks are deceiving, so you must consider safety when buying or looking for the best house for rent Sharpsburg GA has to offer.

No matter how safe a neighborhood appears, criminal activity is still occurring. Criminals target safe-looking neighborhoods because they are more relaxed about their security.

Determine the safety of the neighborhood using these tips:

  • Research local crime mappers—Local crime mapping services, such as SpotCrime and CrimeReports, are excellent sources of information about local crime. The services also let you compare how neighborhoods stack up against others locally, so you can understand what area is safe to live in. 
  • Talk to the previous owners—The owners have more information about the safety of an area. Plus, you may get specific solutions and insights not available online. 
  • Talk to would-be neighbors—Unfortunately, many sellers may not be upfront about the reality of security in the neighborhood. So, connect with people living in the area, such as neighbors. You can also attend local events and even join a local online group. 
  • Explore—Walking around the neighborhood is an excellent way to get a feel of the area at different times of the day. Popular local businesses, kids playing outside, and many local events are good signs that the location is safe for you and your family. 
  • Install an alarm after home purchase—Installing a security system means you are taking matters into your hands even when you are not at home. Alarm systems provide a direct line of communication to local authorities, helping you feel safe throughout. 

Secure, gated communities with 24-hour security by on-site personnel are a critical selling point for families with small kids especially. Potential renters or buyers will also feel more comfortable knowing their homes are secure even when traveling. If security is a vital amenity for you, consider Sharpsburg, Georgia homes for sale.  

Security should be at the top of your list, whether you are a real estate investor or a first-time homebuyer. Nothing beats the peace of mind knowing your home, family, and yourself are safe.

The Kitchen Layout

The Kitchen Layout

The kitchen is your home’s heart. This is where you prepare excellent meals for friends and family gatherings. Guests also end up in the kitchen because it is the activity and entertainment center. So, the layout and size are critical.

Be clear on whether you want a gourmet kitchen with lots of storage, sinks, and counter space or a typical kitchen is enough.

Each family has unique cooking ideas. Some will say the only reason they have a kitchen is that it comes with the house, so any kitchen is enough! You have the vegetarian cooking every day and using lots of fresh ingredients, while others have large families or entertain a lot.

A modest kitchen is adequate if only one person is doing the cooking for two. Parents teaching their kids to prepare healthy meals may require more space.

Why the Seller is Selling

When looking at Sharpsburg GA real estate properties, you will meet sellers more motivated than others. Some will put their homes on the market but do not care if they sell. Such sellers are likely more rigid on the price and are not willing to negotiate much.

Another seller might be highly motivated to make the sale. Some reasons that motivate sellers to sell quickly include:

  • Job relocation and the seller is moving out of state
  • The seller is paying two mortgages and wants to sell and get back to a single payment
  • An estate sale

A real estate agent can help you determine the motivation behind the sale. The realtor will then draft an offer and counteroffers to get you the best price possible.


Looking at the homes for sale Sharpsburg GA is offering is both exciting and nerve-racking! However, looking for a home is a critical life stage and the best investment you can make.

Decide the amenities and features you must have, those you prefer, and those you can compromise. Use this list of features to help you get started on your journey to the perfect home.