How can an Entrepreneur use content marketing to improve their landing page conversions?

Many entrepreneurs have a basic understanding of content marketing. But when it comes up against search engine algorithms and actual search performance, we see that most of the entrepreneurs cannot explain which type of content ranks, and how.

This article is designed to show how an entrepreneur can use content to increase conversions on landing pages. Through this example, and resources that we provide you, you will be able to increase conversions on landing pages using content marketing.

Aleph Website takes us to a journey of content marketing merged with landing page development and how it all ties together to maximize lead generation online via forms on your website or landing pages.

What type of content marketing should an entrepreneur use to build the perfect landing page content?

One type of content marketing that is always trickled down to landing page materials and freebies is the DOWNLOADABLE content format. 

Checklists, e-books, free guides, magazines, and other materials featuring high-quality print/digital content are what the people want to download. Hence ‘downloadables’ –

the name.

To learn more about ways to use content marketing for entrepreneurs:

How to use content marketing for entrepreneurs

How can I create a landing page, provide downloadables, and make sure I have high conversions?

Aleph Website provides us 7 powerful landing page conversion tips that will invariably ensure the success of your landing page!

So here is a summary:

  1. User privacy protection is crucial
  2. Short lead gen forms are better
  3. Use checkboxes instead of blank space and open-end questions
  4. Add reviews next to the CTA button
  5. Make sure your mobile design is as good as the desktop one
  6. Use social media profiles as social proof
  7. Get early feedback so you have the chance to improve your landing page

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