When was the last time you attended a festival of lights? We’re pretty sure you miss them after almost two years of staying indoors and practicing social distancing.

You may find a few changes in your next festival of lights. Event coordinators now use the best QR code generator with logo to improve their services.

QR codes can make attendees’ experience even more convenient. Wondering how these work in such an event? Continue reading to learn more!

Brilliant QR code use-cases in any festival of lights

We have compiled twelve innovative ways that QR codes can streamline this event and improve attendees’ satisfaction.

  1. Video teasers

Video teasers of events can pique people’s curiosity and interest, leading them to attend the event. With a video QR code, people can easily access the video teaser and watch it on their smartphones.

  1. Online ticket booking

Event organizers highly suggest that guests book their tickets online. This way, they can secure tickets ahead of time and avoid long queues at on-venue ticket booths.

They can use a URL QR code to make it convenient for guests to find their official website and book tickets. It also protects guests from sellers of counterfeited tickets.

  1. Cashless transactions

Event organizers can also set up a QR code for payment and place it on their website so guests who book online can quickly pay for their tickets.

The QR code will route guests to a payment landing page where they can pay using their digital wallet or online banking apps.

  1. Secure tickets

A bulk QR code generator can help coordinators set up an authentication system. It lets them create several yet unique QR codes that will go with their tickets.

Once guests arrive, they can just show their ticket and have the code scanned by the staff. The QR code makes it hard for scammers to create and sell fake copies of tickets.

  1. Multipurpose brochures

Event managers can also add QR codes to the brochures they hand out to guests upon arrival. When scanned, it can provide visitors with a map of the festival venue or a list of activities.

If they use Canva in designing the layout of their brochures, they can use a Canva QR code and add it as an element to their designs.

  1. Multilingual content

Some festivals of lights are so beautiful that they attract visitors from all over the world. To aid the language barrier, event hosts can use a QR code language.

This dynamic QR code will redirect tourists to a landing page set in the language that matches the one detected in their smartphone.

  1. Promote on social media

People today love to post photos of their travels on social media, which is an effective way to promote an event.

Event coordinators can create a social media QR code. This will let guests quickly follow their official social handles, and they can even tag them on their posts and tweets.

  1. Order food in one tap

Food stalls within the festival venue can use an interactive digital menu QR code software. Visitors can quickly see the available food items and order them immediately.

  1. Quick access to authorities

Event organizers can make a vCard QR code to provide guests with contact details they can call or reach out to in case of emergencies or unprecedented accidents.

  1. Interactive games

Festivals can become livelier with games such as puzzles, trivia, quizzes, and treasure hunts. Event hosts can create a PDF QR code that will show guests the game’s mechanics or the questions or puzzles they must solve.

  1. Gateway to virtual festivals

Some festivals are broadcast live online or on social media platforms so that people who cannot come can still enjoy the festivities.

Event coordinators can set up a QR code generator as QRTIGER that will instantly route viewers at home to the virtual event.

Festivals of lights shine brighter with QR codes

Although QR codes are pretty versatile, they still blow people’s minds on its new and innovative uses for any industry or field, such as a festival of lights.

You can surely expect to see more of the uses of this technology to provide you with convenience and satisfaction.

Are you excited to go on a festival of lights? Let us know in the comments!