Concrete Strip Foundations

Concrete Strip Foundations:

Whether it is a construction project, refurbishing, or remediating a property, considering the different kinds of foundations will help fix the best path onward. Foundations are generally classified as ‘shallow’ or ‘deep’ and are separated by the complexity underneath the ground’s exterior.

Shallow foundations are sited nearer to the surface and are appropriate for stable circumstances where ground movement is less probable, while deep foundations are suggested for buildings that are being constructed on sites with sensitive ground situations.

Concrete Strip Foundations or strip footings, process a nonstop, direct line of support beneath walls. Strip footings are located within a shallow drain and armored with steel. These footings are widespread in Australia and are chosen for light tons, like the interior or exterior walls found in housing properties.

The material of the strip footing is classically persevering by the building of the time. Before the late 1800s, maximum strip footings were made of stone. The stone might be garbed blocks or normal stone. Concrete Strip Foundations constructions are used in a blend with stump footings for the internal load-bearing.

The uses of Concrete Strip Foundations for Industrial Structures:

The Foundation of a house is a vital part of the building. Whether you are building a tower, family home, or super-structures, it is significant to select the right kind of foundation for the structure. The Foundation of a house helps 2 main determinations: it tolerates the weight of the building and keeps soil moisture away.

Why strong foundation is essential for a building?

Buildings require concrete foundations for the reason that

  • It suppers the weight of the construction to a bigger area
  • Avoids rough settlement
  • Prevent lateral loads
  • Increases stability in the construction

What are the key categories of commercial concrete foundations?

There are 2 main kinds of commercial concrete foundations, which are alienated into subsections. This article will emphasize the core types and the subcategories of commercial concrete foundations laterally with their uses.

  1. Shallow foundation;


  • Individual footing
  • Strip foundation
  • Combined footing
  • Raft foundation
  1. Deep Foundation;

Concrete Strip Foundations

  • Pile Foundation
  • Caissons Foundation

Shallow foundation:

Major types of shallow foundations are below;

Individual Footing

The widespread kind of foundation is used for building a sole pillar. The columns stand the load of the building. Four-sided pillars are used when the column involves weight owing to horizontal forces.

Combined Footing

A combination of separate balance is used when two different pillars connect each other. The shape of this kind of foundation is also rectangular and is put on when pillars have to tolerate the weight of the structure.

Spread footings

Spread footings have broader bases that supper the mass of the construction to an extensive area and reinforce the structure. Spread footings are used for discrete walls, pillars and often not be used on earth where the groundwater may deteriorate the foundation.

Raft Foundations

This kind of foundation blowouts across the whole building structure, backup heavy tons from walls and pillars. It is used in spaces where the basic loads from walls or stakes are high. It is cost-effective and appropriate for areas where soil bearing is less. Raft footing must not be used in zones where groundwater overlays the soils’ bearing surface.

Deep foundation:

The main types of deep foundations are below;

Pile Foundations

Pile foundation allocates the hefty load of the construction to hard soil that is deep underneath the ground level. It is used when shallow footings such as spread footings or raft footings cannot be used. Pile foundation is used in spaces where soil circumstances are not appropriate to tolerate weighty loads. It stops the elevation of the building produced by crosswise loads, as well as wind forces and earthquakes.

Caisson Foundation

One more type of deep foundation is the caisson foundation. It helps a parallel determination to pile foundation. This kind of foundation is used when you dig more profound into flooded water to bargain solid bedrock. Caisson foundation delivers water confrontation, physical integrity, upkeep capabilities, and impelling.

You will discover all the above-mentioned types of concrete foundations with the commercial contractor. It is significant to be certain which category of concrete foundation you ought to use to construct your structures before you start the construction procedure.

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