Okay, John, tell us about your secret energy booster. You completely rocked the last presentation. You need to give the whole team some real tips, buddy!

“Well, thanks for the appreciation. I want to begin from the beginning. You all know that I always felt out of energy in the morning. It was a little surprising that I couldn’t deliver a good presentation the following day, even after sleeping eight hours and eating well. My energy levels used to drop to dead low when I entered the conference room. I tried taking medicines, but they started impacting my sleep quality and digestive system. I felt the world had ended for me, as I saw no sign of progress ahead of me. My seniors and managers took away my main projects from me; it all felt like a dead end. Thanks to my friend, Elva, who struggled with the same issues and recommended I buy maeng da kratom powder. In just one week, I started feeling energized, and my sleep quality stopped deteriorating. Though it seems like an exaggeration, Kratom does help in relieving stress and giving you a shot of energy. Today, I brought my favorite lemon juice mixed with kratom powder, and I am ready to stun the clients with my presentation. The amount of confidence Kratom has given me is amazingly tremendous. I wish I had known about Kratom earlier. “

Oh, woo hah…

 So that means just one ingredient changed you completely?

“It’s not just any ingredient; it is Kratom. And, if you go by history, the natives of Southeast Asia have been using it for centuries. They used to brew Kratom leaves into their tea or sometimes even chewed the dried leaves directly.”

Sorry for the interruption; it feels pretty primitive.

So, how do you consume Kratom?

“Things today are pretty convenient. I buy kratom powder online and take the dosage that suits me well.”

So, does that means anybody can adjust the dosage?

“Well, honestly, the dosage is the trickiest part in Kratom. When I first began, I didn’t know how to take or measure the dosage. So, I asked Elva, and she told me deciding the dosage is the most significant part of the kratom experience. I will give you an example. Imagine you are going for a trek tomorrow one day and for a meeting another day. For which task do you require more energy?”

Ahm, I guess for the trek.

” Absolutely! See, it’s that easy. Now for measuring the dosage, you need to remember one rule– low and slow. That is, always start with a low kratom dosage and gradually increase it. It allows your body to adapt to the effects of Kratom. Plus, if you are using a Gold Bali kratom, remember it is a specific blend of two or more different varieties of Kratom. Thus, its effects and benefits will differ according to the core strain varieties.”

That is such a fantastic experience.

“Indeed, kratom is an ancient herb, and you know natural products are better.”