The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification is one of the most prestigious IT security credentials in the world. An associate’s degree certificate in IT networking helps applicants advance their professional careers with higher-paying positions. The CCNA credential validates a person’s ability to operate, configure, and troubleshoot switched and routed networks.

This phase aims to aid students planning for their CCNA certification; we’ve included a few pointers, methods, and words of wisdom that will allow you to observe how to prepare and practice for CCNA.

You need to understand why you need to take the CCNA test initially and have clear intentions when analyzing and scheduling your exam. You should reconsider scheduling the exam within the next six months and budget your study time and social commitments appropriately.

Have solid practices and practical experience:

Passing the CCNA test necessitates practical and theoretical understanding. You should be able to apply theoretical knowledge to troubleshooting and real-world network problems as you study for the test. For example, it is commonly known that IP is unreliable, but the primary issue is identifying a solution for inter-node communication issues through IP.

Get the Appropriate Study Materials:

Choosing the actual study materials is a vital part of CCNA preparation. The current editions of Cisco books from Chinesedumpsare the finest for studying for the CCNA exam: Cisco CCENT/CCNA ICND 1 and CCNA Routing and Switching ICND2. We highly recommend the “31 Days Before” series, available through Cisco Press. Include practice questions as well as lab tasks. But, before you begin reading the books listed above, learn how to utilize binary math: you should be able to do math in your sleep. This expertise will assist you in passing the CCNA.

Plan Practice Exams:

Perform CCNA online practice exams well on find here for CCNA OSPF questions about one month before your scheduled test date. Set a deadline for yourself and evaluate what you’ve uncovered in the interim. You may identify your vulnerable areas and increase your recognition time. You will discover the location where you desire to get the most expertise.

Refresh Your Knowledge Right Before the Exam:

We recommend revisiting the Cisco Press books before your planned exam date. It will allow you to refresh your memory and comprehend anything. It may have skipped for the first time. The final few weeks before the certification test should be dedicated entirely to answering CCNA questions on As you can see, try to find new stuff by browsing internet boards and other online mock test websites. However, NWExam may be the best option for your final CCNA test preparation.

Take a Break:

Allow yourself some time off work in the days leading up to the tests. Take things easy and try to unwind. A restful night’s sleep is vital the night before a test.


The CCNA certification opens the door to network success. It also allows you to promote yourself as a network expert with global recognition. Certification proves that you know more than your non-certified counterparts. NWExam’s online practice examinations for the CCNA Routing and Switching Certification offer two months of unrestricted access to high-quality online mock tests prepared by topic and industry experts and industry-related projects and exams. The course is to provide you with everything you need to pass the CCNA exam by assisting you in understanding ideas such as VLANs, LANs, and IP addressing and routing.