Your credit score is heavily influenced by how many payments you make on time. With each additional one-time payment on an installment loan online this top-weighted portion of your credit score will increase.

A credit score is a complex mathematical formula that takes many factors into account. Simply put, your credit score will be higher if you have less total debt compared to the maximum debt you can have or your total credit limit. A new installment loan will increase this ratio and lower your credit score initially. However, each on-time payment you make will reduce your debt and slowly increase your credit score. Finally, a credit score is affected by the number and type of accounts a person has.

Adding an installment loan to a credit report that only has credit card accounts, for example, will increase this part of the credit score formula. On the other hand, a person with several installment credit accounts and no other type of credit account may find this part of their score lowered. As usual, making on-time payments without any late payments has the biggest impact on improving your credit score of installment loans online.

Features of an installment loan

  • An installment loan is a one-time loan for a specific, one-time amount of money.
  • The installment loan is for a fixed period.
  • Installment loan repayments are made as fixed payments, so-called installments, the result of which is repayment of the loan in the agreed length.
  • The repayment period can be arbitrarily long, for example annually or semi-annually. However, most installment loans have monthly repayments.

Where can you get an installment loan?

Almost all installment loans come from banks. Sometimes the lender will take out an installment loan directly from the bank, like a mortgage. Often, however, the business from which the consumer buys acts as an intermediary. If you’ve ever purchased an item using a payment plan, chances are that if you read the application carefully, you’ll find that the money came from the bank, even if you borrowed from an appliance store or car dealership. Installment loans are often used to purchase more expensive items that may cost more than the borrower can afford to pay for in one payment, such as a hot tub, appliance, or boat. Personal loans are another common type of installment loan.

There are several ways to get installment loans online without a bank. Some local businesses, such as payday lenders and pawn shops, lend money to customers with fixed repayment plans. Online lenders are also becoming more common. These lenders often act as an intermediary between the borrower and the invisible bank, but they can also lend money from their resources.


If interest is charged on an installment loan, the interest is calculated and added to the installments so that at the end of the loan, the loan amount and all interest are repaid. This process is known as amortization. A newer type of loan is the buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) loan. These loans are usually short-term loans. The most common type of BNPL loan requires payment of one-quarter of the total loan amount every two weeks. These loans are often interest-free.

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