When running a business, you should put a lot of focus on your customer engagement and experience. The better the customer experience, the more like customers are to interact with your business and make repeat purchases.

There are many ways to increase customer experiences, like having an easy-to-use website or email marketing. However, one that has been on the rise is text message marketing. Some of the ways it helps increase customer experience include:

Quick Response Times

When a customer has an issue or a question, they usually want it answered within the shortest time. For example, while the interaction panel on a website, social media platforms, or emails delivers the complaints to your customer service personnel, it will take time to see them and reply.

Surveys show that approximately 95% of text messages are opened within 5-10 minutes, with an average response time of 90 seconds. Unlike emails, which have an average open rate of 22% and a 90-minute average response time.

When clients find that you reply to their messages within such a short time, they feel valued, which increases their probability of more interactions with you. It also raises their chances of being a repeat customer and even suggesting your business to other people.

When you use a business service, you can use a service autoresponder. When a client texts a keyword, they get an automatic response with everything they need to know about said keyword. This is important to provide general business information like operation time, products or services offered, physical location, and use of your product.

This is information you would have spent a lot of time typing for different clients, but you can use that time to reply to more specific text messages.

Different Streamlined Conversations Go On Simultaneously

When texting friends, you can message even five different people simultaneously, which applies to your customers. Since text messages are not as formal and don’t require a lot of steps to compose and send, it makes it easier for you to text different clients simultaneously.

You can also compose one message and select a group of people to send it to, making it faster and easier to reply to a range of customers with the same concerns.

When clients know they are talking to a real person instead of a bot, it increases their satisfaction with your business. This makes conversion rates high and increases your chances of retaining existing clients.

Customers Get Information Faster and Easier

This is one of the best ways text messages enhance customer experience. For example, you can tell the clients on your text message list about exclusive deals, announcements, organization updates, or product launches to make them feel special.

This information reaches clients faster than when you post it on social media platforms or your website because the social noise might make it hard to see that information.

You can also use business texting services to help manage your contacts. For example, it makes it easier to reach a particular demographic with the correct information at the same time. These services will also help with scheduled text messages that you intend to send to your clients at a specific time. This way, the message gets delivered even if you forget.

Also, since text messages do not require your customers to download any app or access an internet connection, it is easy for all customers to reach you regardless of where they are or the time.

Easy to Use

Clients don’t have to download or log in to apps with text messages and look for your email to send complaints or ask questions. It is also easier for them to draft and send a message because it is informal, unlike emails that require formal languages and procedures.

It is also easier for them to participate in surveys and polls instead of downloading questionnaires or looking for them on the internet. As a result, your clients don’t have to worry about online threats like phishing or viruses spread through malicious messages, unlike emails or websites.

With over six million people sending text messages daily in the United States, text messages allow you to reach a wider customer audience than any other communication means. Your customers receive replies faster, can use it anywhere, don’t have to worry about online security threats, and receive information about your business faster.

This increases customer interaction and satisfaction, making their experience with your business better. As a result, you get repeat customers and increase the chances of getting new ones.