companies' contacts

What strategies do you use to find the contacts of companies? How do you find companies’ emails? How do you collect companies’ phone numbers? Is there any automatic tool to find the domains of companies? How is it possible to extract companies’ contacts from web pages?

There are many email finders and phone number extractors which finds emails and phone numbers of companies based on companies’ names but I found a new tool which can find the domain of the companies too based on companies’ names. This service is known as Company URL Finder.

Company URL Finder is a fast and reliable service with which I have been working with since 6 months ago. As I got almost no false data from this domain finder, I recommend it to you.

How does Company URL Finder work?

It gets a company name and converts it to company website domain in seconds. This is a fast company URL Finder. It checks its complete databases of companies’ websites as well as web pages in real time to find the true company website URL of each company.

It also can convert lists of companies names to companies’ website domains in seconds. The list must be uploaded in an excel file and the result is downloaded in an excel file too. The speed of bulk Company URL Finder service is also incredibly fast.

LinkedIn page finder

The LinkedIn pages of companies can also be found by Company URL Finder. It converts companies’ names to companies LinkedIn pages in seconds. Lots of companies’ data can be gotten from LinkedIn in seconds.

It is a fast LinkedIn page finder that can find the LinkedIn page of one company or thousands of companies in real time.

Companies’ domains to names

Company URL Finder converts lists of companies’ website addresses or domains to companies’ names when you do not have the names of companies.

It has both single and bulk company name finders. And both of them work fast and reliably.  CUF is the biggest Company Name to Domain Convertor.

Companies’ emails to names

Company URL Finder also can convert the emails of companies to their names in seconds. One email or lists of emails, there is no difference.

Reliable data in the blink of an eye!

Company URL Finder guarantees to provide accurate data and almost 98% of the results are true and real. There is no need to wait for the results of Company URL Finder and it is provided in seconds.

Single and bulk services!

Company URL Finder has both single and bulk services. The first one converts one name to domain or LinkedIn page and the latter converts lists of names to domains or LinkedIn pages.


The newest service of digital marketing!

Company URL Finder is a creative website with almost no competitor! It has four different services for various needs and requirements. One of them converts companies’ names to companies’ website addresses. The other one finds the LinkedIn pages of companies. The third tool is capable of converting companies’ emails to companies’ names and the last provides the companies names based on their domains.

By Alex D