How Do You Remove Hard Stains From Bathroom Tiles?

bathroom tiles cleaning

Ceramic tiles are the best part of kitchens and bathrooms floor to make the overall look better and versatile. Through this, you can change and update the look as well as the appearance of home decor. However, it’s a difficult thing to clean the dirty and filthy tiles. But with the help of the right kind of bathroom tiles cleaning tricks and techniques, you can get the desired cleaning results.

Because it will be difficult to clean the dirty tiles especially if you are not focusing on regular cleaning activities. Moreover, you can remove the stains and mould on the tiles easily with the help of natural ingredients without damaging the tiles.

For this, we will provide a complete guideline to resolve all these issues within minimum budget and effort and you don’t need to spend a lot on professional clean bathroom tiles activities. As we know, tiles are prone to dirt and dust. So, you should avoid using chemicals and bleaches on it to save the tiles from further damages.

Because it will be difficult to handle the damaged tiles area as compared to the rough or old area. Therefore, it’s better to avoid using all these products initially. Moreover, you don’t need to invest a lot in professional techniques as well as tiles cleaners when you can get the desired results through natural ingredients.

These natural ingredients will help to remove all kinds of stains, mould, and spills on the tiles without any discoloration and damage.

Reasons behind the Growth of Mould:

No matter what’s the type of area or floor, mould and stains occur due to a number of reasons especially moisture. So, you need to keep the place dry and free from water to keep stains free. On the other hand, water deposits on the tiles will also the main source for the growth of germs and bacteria. So, it’s better to clean and dry the area appropriately even after getting the professional bathroom tiles cleaning services.

Besides this, you also need to focus on room temperature and humidity to prevent the growth of mould and bacteria. Because climate change is also the main reason behind the growth of mould. So, focus on it to save the ceramic tiles.

However, it’s not possible to get rid of all kinds of germs and bacteria even after getting professional services. But you can stop the interaction of these harmful bacteria with human health by following all the clean bathroom tiles activities.

So, stop the growth of these bacteria thorough deep cleaning with the help of right and mild tiles cleaners on time to keep the tiles last longer and sparkling.

How To Remove Stains On Bathroom And Kitchen Tiles?

The kitchen and bathroom are two main and most usable parts of a home. So, it’s necessary to keep the ceramic tiles in the kitchen and bathroom clean for a better and healthy living environment. So, let’s firstly talk about the cleaning of the kitchen tiles:

  • Sweep the floor and tiles regularly to remove all kind of dry dirt and dust
  • Mopping helps to remove all kind of temporary stains and spills on the tiles
  • Try to do the deep cleaning of tiles with the help of natural ingredients at least once per week
  • Always use soft and bacterial free cloth for mopping and clean bathroom tiles
  • To remove the hard stains and spills on the tiles, mix vinegar with water and make a spray. After that, spray the solution all over the tiles with the help of a spray bottle. Scrub the tiles with the help of a cloth or sponge in a circular motion
  • Later on, wipe out the tiles with the help of simple water
  • Always use a sanitizer to sanitize the tiles after the completion of cleaning activities

By following these mentioned below steps, you can get a clean and stains free bathroom or tiles within no time:

Turn on all the fans and ventilators of the bathroom after the completion of regular bathroom tiles cleaning. It will help to remove all kinds of moisture that are the main cause for the growth of mould and harmful bacteria.

Try to clean the tiles in the bathroom with the help of professional tiles cleaner at least once per week to keep the tiles shiny and sparkling. Moreover, it’s necessary to use these products for the deep cleaning of tiles. So, regular cleaning is essential to keep the tiles clean and free from germs and bacteria. Mostly it’s more than enough to clean the tiles with the help of hot water to offer a protective layer against bacteria and germs.


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