Every couple of years, we have a major update to the technology we use on a daily basis. New phones, laptops, TVs, and consoles come out so, the question is, how far should you sit from a 120-inch screen? There’s a lot of debate about how far you should sit from a 120-inch screen. A 120-inch screen is quite large and may seem a little intimidating. However, this is a question that’s easily explained by the internet. If you want to watch movies in your home theatre and aren’t familiar with home theater seating, then you might want to go over the guide below before you make a purchase.


* Screen size. According to popular belief, the ideal distance to sit from a 120-inch screen is three feet.
* Seating height. According to popular belief, the ideal seating height is eight to nine inches below the screen.
* Screen width. The most popular screen size for home theaters is 120 inches.
* Seating width. The most popular seating width for home theaters is 20 inches.
* Seating depth. The seating depth for home theaters is 18 inches. 

Why sit too far from a projector screen? 

Sitting too close to a projector creates a dull image, and standing too far away will cause eye strain. But once you find the right viewing distance, will the benefits outweigh the costs?

Sitting too near: If you sit close to a projector, the image on your projection screen will appear to be washed out or dull. The larger the image, the further you should sit.

Sitting too far away: If you sit too far away from your screen, the image will be too small to make out. 

The different viewing distances recommended by topline projector manufacturers 

The following visual examples and viewing distances were recommended by topline projector manufacturers:

Topline projector manufacturers recommend sitting 8 to 12 feet away from a 120-inch screen when watching:

* 4K Ultra HD content
* 2D content
* 3D content
* projectors with a resolution of 1920×1080
* contrast ratio of 4000:1
* brightness of 300 to 700 lumens


What distance is most appropriate for you? 

View from the 20 yard line and sat about 30 yards from the screen.

A large screen, a large audience, and a comfortable location will all contribute to your viewer’s enjoyment. The ideal distance from the screen to watch a 120″ diagonal image depends on these factors:

Seating Capacity: A room with 50 seats requires a viewing distance of at least 75′ (compared to 60′ for a room with 50 seats).

Full Screen Viewing: A 120″ diagonal screen requires the same viewing distance regardless of the size of the audience.

View Angles: Viewers seated more than 20 yards from the screen (in a stadium) experience distortion in the image quality. 

How to set up your room for optimum viewing

Many people are eager to experience a 120-inch screen. But how far should I sit from my screen to get the best experience?

The general rule of thumb is to sit in your most comfortable position, but for most people, a distance no closer than nine feet and no farther than 15 feet will be ideal.

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