Custom Packaging

To stand tall among the competitors, brands need to convey their personal message distinctively and boldly. While there are many platforms for doing this, the packaging is a unique way that can do wonders by establishing your brand authority. Each part of the custom packaging must be carefully designed so as to appeal to the right target audience, deliver the correct message, and provide a long-lasting experience. Unfortunately, a handy portion of the marketers still suffers from the dilemma of creating a brand distinction. That is, we are here to tell you five strategic ways that can be employed to strengthen your brand message and leave a memorable impression on the targeted customer base.

Maintain Brand Clarity

Strong brand authority and foundation entails a marketing strategy that puts an emphasis on reinforcing the brand values, positioning, story, and target customer base. Custom packaging is the primary touchpoint of a brand that can help in communicating all these elements in a clear and concise manner. But unfortunately, the brands are relying on unsuccessful strategies to engage the customers. A lot of them succumb to the temptation of incorporating too much text or too many pictures and graphics during the designing of custom packages. This type of over-designing is viewed as highly unprofessional as it might make the customers think that your brand is trying to hide something or mislead them. For the effective engagement of clientele and to attract maximum attention, keep the design of custom packages concise, clean, and clear. Instead of confusing and frustrating the buyers’ pool, elevate their experience by the excessive use of blank space. This space directs the eyes of potential shoppers to the key points of the message you want to communicate.

Be Original and Intelligent

The brands often assume that the buying decisions of the customers are made after a lot of thinking. However, this is only an assumption; the reality is that clienteles prefer to make quick purchasing decisions. So, the firms get only a limited amount of time in order to encourage or discourage the target audience from making a purchase. For impressing the customers and encouraging quick buying decisions, the only way out is to design an original and intelligent packaging that solves a problem for the people. The packaging that does nothing to bring ease to the lives of shoppers makes it hard for the customers to take notice. If you are serious about making yourself noticeable, design the custom packages intelligently. For instance, you can think of putting a water-activated heating pack at the bottom of your boxes for keeping the food products fresher and tastier. In case you are packing a non-food product, you can consider making your boxes sustainable for endorsing the ecological nature of your brand.

Provide Relevance to the Targets

The best way to get yourself promoted through custom packages is to design them in a way that the customers see them as relevant in their lives. Previously, you could make any branding impact with the traditional packaging. Now, the competition has risen up due to the advancement in technology and novel advertising methods. Design the custom packaging by modifying their size, shape, style, or color in a way that they best fit the requirement of your client base and impart them a unique experience. You might be aware of the Coca-Cola brand’s campaign of getting their beverage shared among a wider target audience. In this campaign, they custom-made each and every bottle by writing the names of the target audience. Due to this strategy, they viewed a phenomenal increase in their recognition worldwide. You can also get the same outcome by supporting a noble cause through your custom packages or design them in a way that seems relevant to the celebrations of the target audience.

Make Them Shareable

Probably, the best strategy to get your brand noticed by a broad range of target customers is to make your custom packaging shareable. What does this mean to make them shareable? It means to make your custom packages engaging and interactive with the target audience by enlisting your social media counts on them. While enlisting, make sure that you go with the accounts that are more interactive, i.e., the ones having a huge fan base. This technique is helpful in intriguing the clients and compelling them to go online with you. Another effective thing in this aspect could be the use of the main hashtags of your brand on the custom packages. There is a huge probability that these hashtags would be used in many tweets, stories, and posts online. This way, you can get yourself promoted through digital media platforms and augment the exposure of your brand to a larger target market.

Entertain your Rivalry

How many times it has happened to you that you were standing in front of a retail aisle and you got confused as you were unable to differentiate between products. Exposing your valuable potential clients to such a situation is detrimental to the success of your business. Your manufactured product may have plenty of identical items with the same features and price range. Here comes the true market competition which you need to beat in order to procure a distinct recognition for your brand in the flooded market. Fill out your custom packages with the technical details concerning your items meant for selling in an interesting way. For instance, you can embrace the use of some QR codes, interactive labels, and scan-able images in this aspect. The incorporation of some digital and informative content in your packaging provides you a unique opportunity to beat the competition and earn a distinctive image for your brand in the marketplace.

Designing custom packaging on a strong brand theme can make the targeted customer base excited about your products even before their launch in the market. Use the aforementioned concepts to build an efficient brand authority that will help you gain maximum attention and drive more sales.