In today’s world, influencer marketing has gained huge attraction, and it is continuing to become more and more popular. This influence has been fueled by online marketing and social media advancement. An influencer has expert knowledge on niche subjects and strong social media influence, most of them have large followers and actively engage with their audience. Examples of these influencers in today’s world are politicians, business persons, celebrities such as musicians and actors, pastors and people who have many vast followers and on their social media accounts some buy YouTube likes. Influencers can easily inspire their audience or followers to purchase a product or promote a particular brand.

Type of Influencers 

There are four types of influencers depending on the number of audiences. There are Nano influencers, micro-influencer, macro influencers and mega influencers. The different influencers can fit best in various marketing strategies depending on your business and the influencers’ audience.

Nano Influencers 

They have around 1k-10k followers on their social media channels. Due to the small number of followers, Nano influencers can quickly cultivate an authentic relationship with their followers, and it is easy for them to respond to each comment on their post. 

This makes nano influencers best for small business, the majority of them charge little amount, and some do not charge anything at all.


They usually have around 10k – 100k followers. Even with this large number of followers, micro-influencers still have a strong relationship with their audience or targeted audience through their posts.

Companies targeting particular audiences should consider micro-influencers for their social media strategy advertising and marketing. Even though their prices are slightly higher than nano, they are still more affordable.

Macro Influencers  

They have 100k – 1M followers, most of them are usually content creators who are popular and famous on the internet. They tend to engage a lot with their follower’s due to the more significant number of followers they have. 

Because they are well known, their prices are high, and primarily they work best with companies that have a large budget and want widespread brand awareness.

Mega Influencers

They have over one million followers, and they reach the most significant number of audiences. Most of them are typical celebrities. Dew to a high number of followers can boost brand awareness more quickly than the other. Their price is always high; thus, they are suitable for big companies with a large budget.

To find the most suitable influencer for your company, use hashtags relevant to your business or product. Then review their post and check how many followers they have also, make sure you search over multiple social media platforms to get the best person who matches your product and your business goal. Most mega influencers are well-known celebrities to find them just such their names directly on the social media platform.

4 Ways Influencers Help to Market a Business

Use Video/ Graphical Posts to Capture the Attention

Influencers have the best marketing means available now, and they usually use the power of media content to showcase your product and brand. Instead of using words, they can show their audience the benefit of using your product.

This advert is suitable and extremely powerful for companies that want to target active users on any social media platform. These strategies mainly target people who constantly use smartphones to check social media feeds.

Help People get to Know, Like and True you

People used to live without using your product because they did not know about your product, they also did not like or trust it. When marketing to a new audience, you have to build that relationship and trust to start like your brand. With influencer marketing, it is easy to develop awareness, like, and trust simultaneously.

Most influencer followers admire their lifestyle, if the influencer talks about how they like and trust a particular brand, then it is easy for their audience to develop trust in the same product.


High Targeted Marketing Strategy

If your brand is well known but unable to find the right audience, then there are possibilities that current market strategies are not working. Such a scenario will cost you a lot of resources and effort without any good results. 

Influencers can quickly help to identify the right audience your business is targeting. For example, your business is related to sports such as football, and there are many influencers that you can approach in the football sector. This is because if their followers are interested in football, they can also be interested in football products. 

Typical Ways Influencers can Promote Your Business

The amount and type of assistance you can expect from an influencer depends on your relationship with an influencer. You can expect more if your relationship is a business where you paid influencers to work for you. Below are examples of help influencers can use to promote your business 

  • Giving access to their site so that you can write a post
  • Sharing information promoting you on their social media accounts, for example, through publishing an article you have written on your blog.
  • You are creating an article or blog about your product and services.


In the next five years, influencer marketing will be on another level because the influencer is the future when it comes to marketing and advertising. This article will guide you on how to build social strategies and relationships with influencers that will boost your marketing. Before finding your influencer, make sure you have done the research, set a budget and determine your goals.