UPSC 2021 vacancy

Union public service commission helps people land jobs in IAS or IPS. These are revered government jobs that attract lakhs of citizens from throughout the country annually. They are also oriented towards defence and civil positions. They have a strict manner of assessing their students to ensure that people get selected based on their merit. It is common knowledge that one cannot easily pave their way through these exams due to their complex nature. The process is also equally fair and unbiased. UPSC 2021 vacancy intends to select students with a flair for patriotism and an equal backing of knowledge and other proficiencies.

A piecemeal procedure starts with mains (exams) with nine papers, followed by an interview. These interviews can often be gruelling because they observe their body language, manners, IQ, and, finally, their quick-wit. These jobs require an equal blend, and hence the interviewers take everything in and make a careful selection. There is significant competition because everyone wants a seat at the table, and they work extra hard to procure it. UPSC 2021 vacancy has created opportunities for young aspiring adults who leave no stone unturned to implement their hard work and achieve their goals.


It is a systematic process and involves numerous steps. Only upon being somewhat triumphant in all of these stages, a student is promoted to the next level. They adopt a satisfactory marking system and assess people based on their adeptness. The steps followed in the process are:

1) Preliminary examination

Akin to the preliminary examinations attempted in school, these civil services exams consist of two papers that the students compulsorily must try. It pertains to general studies and tests a person’s knowledge and awareness of activities occurring around the globe and those of common knowledge. People who pay attention to their surroundings and make a mental note of several trivia in everyday life will find these examinations less challenging since they are more aware. Because this is the first step in the process, it is imperative to score well. It consists of 200 marks questions presented in a multiple-choice format, making it more confusing. This qualifies an individual to be promoted to the next level.

2) Mains

The second step is the written examination, also known as the mains. As the name suggests, this is highly significant and involves an in-depth assessment of a person’s understanding of numerous subjects. It comprises nine papers, out of which the best seven will determine the candidate’s future ahead. Candidates have to be thorough in this preparation because the questions can be gruelling and detailed. They have to start preparing for it months in advance to land decent scores. It helps focus one’s undivided attention on the studies and adopt several reviewing techniques because rote learning will not take one ahead. Candidates must build on acquired knowledge and understand the concepts.

3) Interview

Finally, the interview is the last process in this chain. Although the previous steps might seem more intricate, they do not involve any human interaction. Interviews are conducted by professionals who have been in this industry for many years and can easily differentiate one’s body language. They are not fooled by their scores and study the person’s behaviour as well. The candidate must have witty answers to their questions.


The UPSC examinations witness lakhs of applications every year.