How Many Hair Grafts Are Needed For A Hair Transplant?

Patients opting for hair transplants are usually concerned about how many grafts they need for full coverage. The answer to this is only possible after observation of your condition. The surgeons lead you to different processes and assist you according to your hair type and hair volume, and the rate of growth is also something to keep in mind. A clinic of FUE hair transplant in Islamabad can help you in this regard.

How Many Grafts Do I Need for Hair Transplant?

Before knowing the number of grafts, you need, you need to know ‘What is grafts?’ Grafts are not single hair strands, but a single graft can contain more than 1 hair strand as hairs sometimes grow singly and sometimes in multiple numbers.

The number of grafts depends on the donor area’s size and hair follicles. In some cases, patients who lack hair grafts in a donor are for hair transplant; in such cases, surgeons study your cases and suggest practical solutions.

Surgeons study your case based on the following points to find the exact number of hair grafts you need.

The Health of Hairs in Donor Area

The hair present in the back of your head is used as a donor area for a transplant where the hairs are dense and strong, but sometimes this is interrupted by problems in donor hair like thinning, roughness, damaged follicles. So, doctors ensure the quality and number of hair grafts in the donor area to proceed with transplantation.

Keeping Hair loss In Mind for Best Results

Excessive hair loss leads you to hair transplants, the reason behind this is any vitamin deficiency, or it may be an age factor. Surgeons, before transplant, keeping this in mind, give you respective treatments. Before the transplant, your hair density and growth rate are also essential factors; this helps give doctors an idea of using grafts in specific hair types. Eventually, a natural hairline can be acquired.

Measurement of Bald Area

One of the crucial factors to know the number of grafts you need for transplant is to measure the size of the bald area or the area where hairs are thin and need to be transplanted. Surgeons and experts use techniques to measure the bald area and determine the exact number of grafts you need.


In FUT, the hair grafts transplanted in one session are 4000-5000 hair grafts, while in FUE, only 2000-3000 hair grafts can be transplanted at the same time. Both these types are effective and give permanent transplants. Surgeons study your cases thoroughly and recommend you one of the best types of hair transplant.

Patient’s Budget

Patient's Budget

Surgeons and hair transplant centers have several packages for hair transplants. Based on the number of grafts and budget, packages are recommended to you for further proceedings. Based on the patient’s condition, the type of hair transplant is advised to them; both the transplant prices vary concerning its price. You can check for alternative options if you are afraid of hair transplant procedures.

What Is the Cost Of 1 Hair Graft?

The cost is predetermined and fixed for each graft in specific packages.

  • For 1000-1500 grafts, each graft will cost you about 100-120 PKR.
  •  For 1500-2000 grafts, each graft will cost you 90-100 PKR.
  • For 2000-3000 grafts, each graft will cost you 90-80 PKR.

These are the prices per graft. The price of the whole treatment is calculated after calculating the cost of disposable tools used in the transplant, which range from 50,000 to 400,000 PKR.

People curious about getting a hair transplant can have a consultation session with a hair transplant expert and discuss their condition. Hair transplant is recommended for those with pattern baldness or hair loss due to illness in the past. People on medication other than hairs are not ideal patients for transplants.

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